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mpre cheat sheet, mpre one-sheet, Topic 11: MPRE One-Sheet

Looking for an MPRE One-Sheet? We have a lovely (new!) one-page MPRE One-Sheet that gives you an overview of the highly tested areas of MPRE law. Many students use this sheet as either an overview before they dive into MPRE studying or as a last-minute review prior to taking the MPRE.

We recommend that you only use the one-sheet as a resource. Please do not use it as a substitute for a full MPRE outline! This MPRE One-Sheet was last updated in 2019.

What does the MPRE One-Sheet cover? 

We cover all of the following areas of law and tell you how much each one is worth on the MPRE:

  • Conflicts of interest (12–18%)
  • Litigation and other forms of advocacy (10–16%)
  • Lawyer-client relations (10–16%)
  • Competence, legal malpractice, and other civil liability (6–12%)
  • Client confidentiality (6–12%)
  • Regulation of the legal profession (6–12%)
  • Different roles of a lawyer (4–10%)
  • Communications about legal services (4–10%)
  • Safekeeping funds and other property (2–8%)
  • Transactions and communications with other persons (2–8%)
  • Judicial conduct (2–8%)
  • Lawyer’s duties to the public and legal system (2–4%)

Download a PDF version of the MPRE One-Sheet by clicking here.

MPRE cheat sheet, MPRE, How do I use the MPRE One-Sheet?

As an overview: You can use it as an “overview” before you dive into MPRE review. (Some students like to see the bigger picture before diving into the nitty-gritty). You also can refer to it while you are studying a longer MPRE outline if it helps you to organize and consolidate the material.

As a last-minute review: You also can use it as a tool to review right before you take the MPRE. In reality, it is even better to create your own MPRE One-Sheet, but we know that not everyone has time!

How long is the MPRE One-Sheet?

It is just one page, front and back. You can download it here. We also include mnemonics, highlighted in yellow.

Where can I download it?

Download a PDF version of the MPRE One-Sheet here!

Can I share the MPRE One-Sheet?

Yes, you are welcome to!

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