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Free Law School Prep Course

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JD Advising Free Law School Prep Course

Develop Essential Law School Skills

5 Stars

Join thousands of your peers taking our law school prep course!

Our free Law School Prep Course focuses on teaching students how to succeed academically in law school. Many aspects of your law school and legal careers are guided by how well you do your first year. Thousands of students have depended on JD Advising's law school prep course and we get rave reviews every single day.

Some of the key things we teach include:

  • >> Whether you join law review;
  • >> Whether you get an internship at a firm or a judicial clerkship;
  • >> Whether you retain or obtain scholarships;
  • >> Whether you are able to transfer to a different law school if you so choose;
  • >> Whether you are a candidate for an on-campus interview (OCI);
  • >> What job you get after law school; and
  • >> Whether you pass the bar exam.
  • A high-quality law school prep course can help ease pressure, lower anxiety, and give you the confidence that you are doing everything you need to be doing from day one of law school.

    Note that there are a lot of ways to define "success" in law school -- whether that is academic success, maximizing networking opportunities, or simply achieving your dream career--whether it is law-related or not. This course focuses primarily on academic success.

    Our Law School Prep Course is designed by our founder who graduated as a #1 law student. It is available on demand for free now! You can sign up here.

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National Black Law Students Association
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What sets JD Advising apart?

Time-Tested Advice

We teach the skills that our founder used to graduate as a #1 student. These skills have helped numerous law students excel in law school and beyond.

Essential Law School Skills

We teach you the essential law school skills you need to utilize from day one of law school, including outlining, memorizing the law, and exam strategies.

Instruction by Experts

Our courses are taught by 5-star instructors who can answer your questions, guide you through law school, and allay any fears you may have.

Personalized Preparation

Our course is tailored to help you personally to develop the skills and the frame of mind you need to excel in law school.

Practical Experience

You will have an opportunity to practice reading and briefing cases, outlining, answering exam questions, and making a study schedule.

Success Beyond Law School

We teach you not only how to succeed your 1L year, but beyond that in extracurriculars, internships, clerkships, and employment opportunities!


What will I learn from the Law School Prep Course?

The law school prep course will teach you these essential skills:

  • > How law school differs from college
  • > An overview of useful legal vocabulary
  • > The two best resources that can save you time and anxiety throughout law school
  • > How to speed-read cases
  • > Tips on how to (and when to) brief cases
  • > How to answer questions when you are on call
  • > How to take notes during class
  • > How to outline and learn your outlines
  • > How to answer law school exam questions
  • > How to prepare for your final exam throughout the semester
  • > How to create a law school study schedule (an in-depth guide)
  • >Legal writing and research tips
  • >An overview of each of your core substantive 1L classes (Torts, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Real Property, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure)
  • >Informative Q&A's with the authors of best-selling book, Getting to Maybe, and Law School Done Right
  • >Best of all: This course provides you with time-tested advice from a mentor who will answer your questions, guide you through law school, and allay your law school fears.

This Law School Prep Course is the first of its kind. It does not just teach you the law; rather, it helps you develop the skills and frame of mind you need to succeed in law school. You will have an opportunity to practice reading and briefing cases, making an outline, and answering exam questions. You will also have the opportunity to make a study schedule that you can use during your entire first year of law school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to take this course?

The summer before you begin law school. During orientation week of law school. Before your classes begin. Basically, anytime before you begin law school. Private sessions can be scheduled by e-mailing us at

How much does the law school prep course cost?

Our on demand law school prep course is free!

When can I take the law school prep course?

It is available now!


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"Thank you SO much for making this prep course free. It has been incredibly helpful and I feel much more confident about starting law school in the fall. During a time of many expenses due to law school, I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate that you have made your course free. THANK YOU!

-Law School Prep Course Student

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