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worried about starting law school, relieve bar exam stressWondering what to do the day before the MPRE? You may be taking the MPRE tomorrow and wondering what you should do today to prepare.

Here are a few helpful suggestions on what to do the day before the MPRE.

What to Do the Day Before the MPRE: 

1. Review your last-minute materials if need be.

If you feel great about the MPRE and have been studying, then take the day off! This tip is for the students who put off studying until the last minute!

If you have not yet looked closely at your MPRE outline, start there. Review your MPRE outline. And take a couple of hours to make your own mini-outline of the material today. I promise you will feel so much better about the material if you handwrite or type your own mini-outline! You will feel like you own the material. (For more about his, see this post.)

If you cannot bear the thought of making your own outline, then check out our MPRE cheat sheet for a good last-minute review!

2. Review MPRE questions you have already done.

There is no reason to start going crazy doing MPRE questions today (if you do a lot of difficult, new questions, it will probably increase your anxiety significantly!). If you haven’t done any MPRE questions, then you should complete some today to get a feel for it. (Check out sources for free MPRE questions here.)

If you have completed several MPRE questions up until this point, simply review the questions you have answered incorrectly.

3. Review key MPRE phrases.

Some students get questions wrong simply because they do not know the key MPRE phrases. Review the key MPRE phrases here before the MPRE to make sure you do not answer a question incorrectly for a silly reason!

4. Remind yourself that you do not need an “A” on the MPRE to pass. You actually need a D-.

If you are feeling anxious about the MPRE, note that you only need to answer approximately 28-30 questions correctly to pass the MPRE. (This is 56-60%!) And this is true no matter what the score is in your jurisdiction.

(See this post, which explains why whether your jurisdiction requires a 75 or an 86, there is really not that big of a difference in the number of questions you need to answer correctly.)

Of course, the MPRE can still be a difficult test for many students. But this should put it in some perspective.

5. Make sure you have everything ready!

Get those #2 pencils, your photo ID, and anything else you are allowed to carry into the testing area. Also, make sure you know the address of the testing site. And get directions to the testing site. If you are really nervous about finding your way there, it doesn’t hurt to travel there once before the exam (ahem, today!). Fill up your car with gas if you are driving. And plan on leaving early tomorrow as well.

Also, eat healthy — don’t drink too many alcoholic beverages or eat anything that could make you sick! Exercise today — go on a run, lift weights, or head to the gym. It will help clear your head. It will also help you go to sleep early so you are well-rested for the test.

Good luck with the MPRE!

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