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Looking for an MPRE Outline?

Sign up for  JD Advising’s free MPRE course here! With this course, we give you:

  • a fantastic MPRE outline
  • a fantastic MPRE “one-sheet” (with all the rules in one page front and back!)
  • a lot of practice questions (120 and counting!)

Note that once you have an MPRE outline (whether it is ours or a different course’s outline), we recommend you use it to make your own! Take the outline then parse it down and put it into your own words.

While this  may sound like a daunting task, our students say that out of everything, this is one of the most useful things they do to prepare for the MPRE! Some students say that it is truly the difference between passing and failing the MPRE! 

We also encourage you to organize your outline in a way that is logical to you. Some students even insert their own charts for the trickier rules (such as Conflicts of Interest). The benefit of doing this is not to have a wonderful work product. Rather, it is the process of organizing and condensing the information.

By creating the MPRE outline, you are forcing yourself to work with the Model Rules and you will be much more well versed in the material than you would otherwise be. Further, by making your own MPRE outline you are taking the first necessary step towards memorization—the comprehension step. (After all, it is much easier to memorize something that you understand!) Many students tell us that making their own outline helps the material finally “click.” Lastly, it is also less boring than reading and re-reading the rules over and over again.

We find that most students underestimate the difficulty of the MPRE. Thus, many students go into the exam with not having studied the materials. We believe the MPRE is manageable if you take the time to learn the Rules. By making your own outline you are going to benefit from the process of taking the time to learn and understand the Rules, so that you can apply them on the exam questions.

If you are not sure how to organize your MPRE outline, or if you are not sure what portions of the MPRE are worth the most, check out our MPRE cheat sheet!. Our MPRE cheat sheet is a three-page MPRE “overview” outline. It tells you how often certain topics are tested. It also contains some useful mnemonics that you may want to include in your outline. Further, it is a very nice overview of the MPRE material in a very manageable three pages!

  • Looking to Pass the MPRE?

    We offer the following services:

    • A free MPRE Course that comes with expert instruction, a free outline, free practice questions, and free one-sheet! This course is rated 5/5 stars by our students!
    • Real MPRE questions, which are the best way to ensure you are prepared for the questions on test day!
    • MPRE private tutoring to help you learn everything you need to pass the MPRE, including an MPRE outline and an MPRE study plan tailored to your individualized needs.
    • A variety of excellent and free MPRE resources to help you conquer the MPRE.
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