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failed the bar examHow Many Times Can I Take the MPRE?

The MPRE is an exam that some people underestimate the difficulty of. Many students come to us after taking and failing the exam multiple times. They wonder “how many times can I take the MPRE? Is there a limit?”

The good news is that there is not a limit on how many times you can take the MPRE!

However, the caveat is that some jurisdictions (Rhode Island, Iowa, Kentucky, and Massachusetts) do not let you move forward with the bar exam until you have passed the MPRE.  Or, some jurisdictions let you sit for the bar exam once, but if you fail and have not passed the MPRE, then you cannot re-take the bar exam until you have passed the MPRE. Other jurisdictions set their own specific window of time that states when you have to pass the MPRE. (Check your jurisdiction’s rules to see what they require.)

So, while the good news is that you can take the MPRE an unlimited amount of times—who wants to do that? Our advice—take it seriously on your first try and you might just pass! This can boost your confidence for the bar exam! (On the other hand, there truly are advantages to failing the MPRE, as you can read about in this post!)

When Should I take the MPRE?

For law students who are on the 3-year track, we recommend that you take the exam your 2L year (after you take a Professional Responsibility class at your law school!). That way if you need to take it again, you are not delaying your bar preparation process.

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