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MBE Products and Services

Boost your MBE score with our top-rated MBE products and services!

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We offer a fantastic course specifically tailored to the MBE. This course is geared toward repeat takers who are looking to significantly boost their score by using a totally new approach–including new outlines, new techniques, and real MBE questions.


We offer in-depth private tutoring for the MBE from expert bar exam tutors. With each two-hour MBE tutoring session, students are also offered essay grading (if in a UBE state) and an MBE outline. We teach students both substance and strategy.


Our MBE one-sheets are one of our most popular products. They reveal the highly tested areas of law in one sheet, front and back. Visual learners find this to be a great tool. And many students use it as a convenient confidence-boosting review of the highly tested law.


The best way to prepare for the MBE is by practicing real MBE questions promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. These will help you get a grasp on the style, format, and difficulty of the MBE questions you will see on the actual MBE day.

Looking for something else?

Other invaluable MBE bar exam services and products we provide include:

  • > Our MBE Favorites series is our most popular lecture series and covers 35 MBE questions of highly-tested MBE law.
  • >Our MBE seminar helps students get out of their MBE rut and learn a methodical approach that helps them improve their score.
  • >Our MBE Guide covers the several areas of law that students struggle with and guarantees an increase in MBE score!
  • > Our MBE Diagnostic is a unique tool that tells students what skill they are struggling with so they know how to improve their score.