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Topic 12: What Will Happen on MPRE Test Day?

What is the format of the MPRE?

On MPRE test day, you will have two hours to answer 60 multiple-choice questions. You should plan on spending two minutes per question.

Each multiple-choice question has four answers. Points are given for correct answers. Points are not subtracted for incorrect answers so make sure to mark an answer choice for every question. (In other words, you will not lose anything by making an educated guess!) There are no breaks during the MPRE exam.

The NCBE gives the following overview of what it is like to take the test:

The Pearson VUE Test Administrator (TA) will provide you with an erasable note board and marker during the test session. You may not remove these items from the testing room at any time during the exam, and you must return all items to the TA after the exam. You may not write on the erasable note board until after the exam has started. If you need a new note board or marker during the exam, raise your hand and the TA will assist you.

The TA will log you in to your assigned workstation. You will verify that you are taking the MPRE. You will have up to five (5) minutes to review the MPRE Instructions and certification screen. The MPRE will begin automatically after five (5) minutes, or will begin when you click Next. Unless otherwise instructed, you must remain in your assigned seat until escorted out of the testing room by a TA. You may not communicate with other candidates, including during any unscheduled breaks.

There are no scheduled breaks during the two-hour MPRE. If you need to take an unscheduled break—for example, to stand and stretch or to use the restroom—you must raise your hand and wait for the TA’s instructions. Your test time will not stop. You must take your ID with you when you leave the testing room. You may not leave the testing center building or access your stored personal items. If you need to use the restroom, you must use the restroom that is closest to the testing room. The TA will check your ID and capture your palm vein pattern when you leave and re-enter the testing room. Before re-entering, you will be asked to pat yourself down again (arms, legs, waistline). The TA will escort you to your assigned seat and log you in to your assigned workstation so that you can continue with the test. Note that long and frequent unscheduled breaks will be subject to further investigation and reported to NCBE.

During the test, if you experience any problems or distractions or if you have other questions or concerns, you must raise your hand, and the TA will assist you. The TA cannot answer questions related to test content. If you have concerns about a test question, make a note of the question number on your erasable note board and report it to the TA after you have completed the test. You agree to follow the TA instructions at all times. To ensure a high level of security, the testing center and testing room will be monitored at all times. Both audio and video of you may be recorded during testing. 

After you have completed the test you must raise your hand, and the TA will come to your workstation and verify that your test session has ended properly. You must present your ID again to the TA and return your erasable note board and marker. You must not leave any materials at your testing workstation after you have completed the MPRE. You will be provided with a testing completion notice indicating that you have completed the MPRE.

MPRE test day format, MPRE test day policies

MPRE test day policies to be aware of

Here are a few test day policies you should be aware of. Please read all of the updated test day policies on the NCBE site here. We list some of the key ones below!

You need to bring two forms of original, unexpired identification — a government issued primary ID and a secondary ID. 

The first and last name must match exactly on both IDs.

Common forms of primary ID include: 

  • International travel passport
  • U.S. driver’s license
  • U.S. military ID
  • U.S. alien registration card (permanent resident or green card, visa)

Common forms of secondary ID include: 

  • School/university/college ID
  • Credit card
  • Library card

Expired forms of identification are not acceptable unless accompanied by valid renewal papers.

If you do not present both an acceptable primary ID and an acceptable secondary ID, you may be prohibited from testing. Or, if you are allowed to test, your score may be canceled.  free mee resources, free multistate essay exam resources, study for the uniform bar exam, Law School Application TipsNote that Pearson VUE testing centers have small, secure lockers in which you can store personal items. You cannot access these during the exam.

The following items are permitted. (We have listed the ones that most applicants will be affected by, but please note that you can see the list of permitted items here.

  • eyeglasses (without the case)
  • handheld non-electronic magnifying glass (without the case)
  • pills (out of packaging unless packaging says it is required)
  • mobility devices (canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, motorized scooters/chairs)

Tissues and earplugs/noise-reducing headphones must be provided by testing center. Earplugs/noise-reducing headphones are only considered a comfort aid in Pearson Professional Centers.

You are prohibited from bringing the following items into the testing center:

  • cell phones
  • hand-held computers/personal digital assistants or other electronic devices
  • e-cigarettes
  • watches
  • larger jewelry
  • wallets
  • purses
  • food or beverages
  • firearms or other weapons
  • hats (and other nonreligious head coverings)
  • bags
  • coats and jackets
  • eyeglass cases
  • books
  • notes
  • pens
  • pencils

Note: You may not access your stored personal items during your testing appointment.

Note: Before you enter the testing room, you may be asked to

  • empty your pockets,
  • remove jewelry and hair accessories,
  • show your ears,
  • roll up your sleeves, and
  • pat yourself down (for example: arms, legs, waistline).

Note: Studying is not allowed in the Pearson VUE testing center. Visitors, children, spouses, family, or friends are not allowed in the Pearson VUE testing center.

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