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MBE Diagnostic

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses on the MBE.

mbe diagnostic

Improve your MBE score with a detailed diagnostic!

Take our test then talk to one of our MBE experts!

Many prospective students contact us wondering how to improve their Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) score. For those students, the MBE is the reason why they cannot overcome the bar exam. Their struggle with the questions stems from their inability to determine what skills they’re lacking to tackle the MBE. Is it memorization? Comprehension? Application? Timing? Practice? Some combination?

JD Advising designed the MBE Diagnostic Test to help you determine what you need to do differently to pass the MBE. JD Advising’s MBE Diagnostic Test is a test geared to uncover your strengths and your weaknesses. The test focuses on three primary skills: comprehension, memorization, and application. After you take the test, we will provide you with an analysis via a 60-minute video chat. During that analysis, we will tell you which of the three skills you need to work on. We will also answer any questions you have and help you come up with a schedule so that you can take the next step to pass the MBE.

The MBE Diagnostic is a questionnaire that consists of three parts: a multiple-choice portion and two short-answer portions. It also has a brief “introductory” section where we ask you to answer questions about any past experiences with the bar exam. The questionnaire poses questions on all seven MBE subjects. It is untimed and designed to allow you to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Why take the MBE diagnostic?

A Personal Assessment

We tell you if you struggle with comprehension, memorization, application, or something else—and how you can improve the skill you need to work on.

A Convenient Approach

The MBE Diagnostic is available immediately upon checkout. It takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete and you can complete it from your own home!

Instruction by Bar Exam Experts

One of our bar exam experts will schedule a 30-minute call with you to go over the results, tips for improvement, and answer your questions.

A Unique Approach

Many diagnostics tell you which subjects you need to work on. Our MBE diagnostic focuses on which skills you need to work on.

A Turning Point

Many students find that the MBE Diagnostic is a turning point for them—it tells them exactly what to focus on when they study and helps them boost their scores!

A New Approach

We provide you with a new, personalized approach to the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam, so you can see your MBE score improve!

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“The MBE diagnostic helped me identify my weaknesses and improve my MBE score with a tailored approach.”

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