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Multistate Essay Exam Services

Excel on the essay portion of the bar exam!

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Our invaluable MEE course focuses on the essay portion of the bar exam We give you excellent MEE outlines, top-notch MEE instruction, and offer essay grading. Students credit this course for passing the MEE and often see large score improvements.


We offer in-depth private MEE tutoring services to our students from expert bar exam tutors. We provide fantastic materials and outlines tailored to the MEE and essay feedback. We give students expertise, direction, and accountability to our students.


Our highly regarded MEE Mastery Class is one of our most popular services. It covers the highly tested issues on the MEE portion of the bar exam and issues we think are ripe for testing. It gives examinees a huge advantage walking into the bar exam!


Our MEE One-Sheets are highly regarded as one of the best MEE res These One-Sheets contain the highly tested areas of law in one page, front and back, per subject. Students rave about them every administration, calling them “invaluable” and even “magical.”

Looking for something else?

Other invaluable MEE offerings we provide are MEE books, which contain past MEE questions and answers organized by subject. We also offer bar exam essay feedback if you are just looking for written or oral feedback on your essays.