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JD Advising Free Bar Exam Resources Center

Pass the bar exam with JD Advising’s free Bar Exam Resources Center!

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JD Advising’s Free Bar Exam Resources Center


We put together a completely free resource to help you pass the bar exam! We’ve organized all of our best free bar exam resources in one convenient location. Access our top guides, attack outlines, test-taking and study strategies, and videos in one place. We offer this for everyone taking a Uniform Bar Exam or California Bar Exam. This is a perfect supplement to a commercial bar review course or for those who are self-studying for the bar exam. As soon as you sign up, you will be given access to our Canvas platform, where all of the resources are organized in one convenient place.

The JD Advising Free Bar Exam Resources Center contains:

  • Up-to-date information on the bar exam
  • An overview of highly tested topics, including frequency charts
  • Our best multiple-choice, essay, and MPT tips in one place
  • Resources for MBE questions, including a printable scantron
  • Resources for free essay and performance test questions
  • Links to guides, webinars, posts, and more
  • Information on the Uniform Bar Exam and California Bar Exam

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Why take advantage of the JD Advising Free Bar Exam Resources Center?

The Most Up-to-Date Information

We provide up-to-date information on the bar exam!

An Overview of Highly Tested Topics

We provide an overview of the highly tested topics most likely to appear on the bar exam, including frequency charts.

Best Bar Exam Tips

Our best multiple-choice, essay, and MPT tips are in one convenient place for you to access!

Top-Notch Resources

We have resources for MBE questions, including a printable scantron, as well as essay and PT resources.

Created by Bar Exam Experts

We tutor for the bar exam, write bar exam appeals, and read thousands of actual essays every administration.

The Best Chance of Passing the Bar

Don’t miss out on this free resource and this opportunity to boost your bar exam score!

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