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MBE Mastery Class

Learn how to practice MBE questions the right way!

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Stuck in an MBE rut?

Boost your MBE score by focusing on what is most likely to be tested!

This new-style MBE Mastery Class focuses on the examiners’ favorite MBE issues to test. We review 35 actual, official NCBE-released questions together and discuss how to approach them. We include memorable diagrams, charts, and images. We discuss highly tested issues, difficult topics, and how to approach MBE questions, using actual, official, released NCBE questions.

We use all released questions from the 2022 NCBE MBE exam and give you the entire 200-question 2022 NCBE MBE exam in PDF format. In addition to using all released questions, we also give you memorable images and a lecture by charismatic MBE experts (including our founder, who scored a 180 on the MBE). Click here to see samples of our MBE Mastery Class handout and a QR Code to a sample video!

What will our MBE Mastery Class teach you?

How to Improve Your Score

If you frequently answer MBE practice questions but you never improve your score, our MBE Mastery Class will help you by teaching you a new methodical MBE approach!

How to Pick Between Two Answers

If you always seem to be in between two answer choices and pick the wrong one, you are not alone! Our MBE Mastery Class will review problems so you can learn how to choose the right answer!

Instruction by Bar Exam Experts

Our class is taught by our 5-star instructors who have scored in the top percentile on the bar exam and know the bar exam inside and out.

Personalized Preparation

We teach you how to figure out exactly why you are answering MBE questions incorrectly so that you can tweak your approach and start to see score improvement.

MBE Timing Tips

Learning how to “slow down” and answer questions in a methodical way will help you improve your timing on the MBE so you do not struggle to finish the exam on exam day.

How to Stop Overthinking

Sometimes you may find you overthink questions and choose the wrong answer (even when you know the right answer!). We teach you how to get out of this habit through our careful review of several real MBE questions!

Ready to boost your MBE score?

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