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JD Advising Law School Tutoring Program

Use the methods our founder used to graduate as the #1 law student!

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Excel in Law School

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Looking for a law school tutor? The founder of JD Advising graduated as the #1 law student.  If you sign up for our law school tutoring program, you will learn the same skills that our founder used to graduate as the #1 student. JD Advising tutors have graduated at the top of their class and have helped several students succeed in law school.

We offer online, one-on-one private tutoring for your law school classes. Or, you can sign up with a friend and meet with a tutor in a group! We have tutored students across the country, including students at top law schools such as the University of Michigan Law School, Duke University School of Law, and Cornell Law School. We can help you succeed no matter which law school you attend!

We will help you learn the skills that you need to succeed in law school. We will also teach you a time-tested strategy for answering exam questions and help you create an organized, manageable schedule so that you can accomplish everything you should be doing each week. We also cover difficult, highly tested areas of law together. Lastly, we give you personalized feedback on practice exams so that by the time you take a law school exam, you will know exactly what is expected. Many students in the past have seen their GPA increase significantly after receiving one private, one-on-one tutoring session.

What sets JD Advising apart?


If you get high grades in law school, you will have the opportunity to interview for on-campus interviews (OCIs) or other competitive employment opportunities.

Law Review

You will be automatically admitted to law review in most schools if you do well in your first year of law school.


Federal clerkship opportunities are highly competitive and look great on a resume. Your grades largely determine your clerkship opportunities.


If you want to intern at a big firm over the summer, high grades are a must! Big law firms virtually only hire students with excellent GPAs.


If you want to decrease debt, high grades are a great way to get scholarships, make your resume extra impressive, and potentially receive thousands of extra dollars.


No matter what you want to do after law school, a high GPA increases your chances of getting whatever job you want.

JD Advising Tutoring Options

we have several tutoring options tailored to you!

Review our tutoring options here:

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Meet your personal law school tutor!

“Law school can be an isolating experience, so working with someone who has been through it helps as they can give advice beyond subject material. Unlike commercial courses, JD Advising lets you direct the sessions based on the material you want to focus on. Whether its help with class material, exam prep, or advice on how to pick class schedules or internships, your tutor is there to help you! I personally benefited from being able to talk through the information and hearing it explained differently from the professor.”

-Successful Law Student

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