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JD Advising’s Elite Law School Tutoring

Discover the strategies our founder employed to rank #1 in her law class!

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Thrive in Law School with JD Advising’s Expert Law School Tutors

Discover unparalleled success strategies

Looking for top-notch law school tutoring? Our founder graduated #1 in her class, and by choosing JD Advising, you’ll gain access to the very strategies that contributed to her success. Our tutors aren’t just high achievers; they’re dedicated to your individual success.

We provide tailored online, one-on-one sessions to cater to your unique needs. And if you prefer group study? We’ve got that covered too. We’ve proudly tutored students from renowned law schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, and Columbia, as well as numerous other respected law schools. Simply put, we’ve helped hundreds achieve their academic goals.

Our approach is straightforward: equip you with essential law school skills, introduce proven exam strategies, and help organize your study routines for optimal outcomes. Dive deep into challenging legal topics and receive clear, actionable feedback on practice exams. Many students have reported a notable boost in their GPA after working with us. Join them and see the difference JD Advising can make.

Why Invest in Law School Tutoring?


Boost Job Prospects: Higher grades open doors to on-campus interviews and sought-after employment roles.

Join Law Review

Excel in your first year and gain an automatic spot on most school’s law reviews.

Secure Clerkships

Stand out in the competitive federal clerkship pool with stellar grades on your CV.

Land Top Internships

Big law firms have an eye for excellence. Shine in your classes, and you’ll be their top pick for summer roles.

Unlock Scholarships

Diminish debt and amplify your resume. Outstanding grades can translate into generous scholarships.

Expand Opportunities

Whatever your post-law school dreams, a high GPA sets you up for unparalleled success.

JD Advising Tutoring Options

we have several tutoring options tailored to you!

Review our tutoring options here:

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Meet your personal law school tutor!

“Law school can be an isolating experience, so working with someone who has been through it helps as they can give advice beyond subject material. Unlike commercial courses, JD Advising lets you direct the sessions based on the material you want to focus on. Whether its help with class material, exam prep, or advice on how to pick class schedules or internships, your tutor is there to help you! I personally benefited from being able to talk through the information and hearing it explained differently from the professor.”

- Successful Law Student

After working with [my law school tutor], Jonathan, I earned grades high enough to land a summer associate position at a big law firm as a 1L. Jonathan was great because not only was he well versed in my 1L courses, but he also is a successful lawyer and a graduate of my law school. It was great being able to talk to someone who not only understood the rigor of my 1L classes, but also had proven tips for success in and beyond law school.

- Law School Tutoring Student

My [law school] tutor Melissa was very flexible to my needs and interests. She helped me achieve Honors grades in three of my four doctrinal courses of my 1L Fall semester. Very grateful for this opportunity.

- Law School Tutoring Student, Harvard Law

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