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We have above a 90% pass rate among our privately-tutored students!

5 Stars

We offer online and in-person (if allowed by local health rules concerning COVID-19) tutoring for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). Our MPRE tutors are extremely knowledgeable about the MPRE. We have helped several students (both first time and repeat takers) pass the MPRE with flying colors! We have fantastic MPRE tutors with numerous great testimonials, which you can read at the bottom of the page or here.

I had taken the MPRE twice before turning to JD Advising for help. I needed a 75 for my jurisdiction and was having a tough time getting to that number. I got a 68 the first time I took the MPRE and a 58 the second time. The third time I took the MPRE, I got a whopping 116 thanks to JD Advising! I liked the tutoring sessions because they were not just focused on knowing the rules of professional conduct but also understanding them. By understanding the rules rather than just memorizing them, I was able to pick out what rules were being tested when it came time to take the MPRE. Meagan was also incredibly accommodating and if there was a subject I wanted to focus on more than another or go back to, she adjusted the tutoring sessions to fit my needs. She was always quick and ready to answer my questions too. I would 100% recommend JD Advising to anyone who is in the same boat as I was! You won’t regret it!

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What sets JD Advising apart?

The Best Outlines Available

We give you an excellent MPRE outline that reveals the most highly tested areas of law on the MPRE.

MPRE Practice Questions

We give you several free MPRE practice questions with explanations as part of our tutoring services.

Instruction by MPRE Experts

Our five-star tutors have helped hundreds of students excel on the MPRE. We teach the essential MPRE rules and strategies!

Personalized Preparation

We develop a personalized MPRE study plan that is specifically tailored to your individualized needs to ensure you pass the MPRE.

Essential Strategies

We teach you the essential strategies that you need to know to conquer multiple-choice questions. This helps students on the MPRE and the bar exam!

The Best Chance of Passing

We have above a 90% pass rate among our privately-tutored students, with some administrations boasting a 95% or 100% pass rate!


What are the different MPRE tutoring options?


    If you sign up for our ten hour “major review”, we will cover the MPRE in five two-hour sessions (depending on your schedule and your needs). We will review the substantive law together for the highly tested areas of law as well as go over practice multiple-choice questions (though you will be expected to have your own questions to practice with). We give you a stellar MPRE outline that tells you exactly what you need to know to pass the MPRE. Many repeat-MPRE takers are attracted to this option. The cost for our five-session program is $1,699.99.


    This is very similar to the above option. The primary difference is that you meet less (for five hours rather than ten). The tutor will go over all of the highly tested areas of law as well as multiple-choice tips with you in a one-on-one setting for a total of five hours. The cost of the five hour program is $899.99.


    This is a one-hour review of the major concepts that are tested on the MPRE. We also discuss tips for guessing the correct answer choice when you do not know the answer as well as some other last-minute MPRE tips. We give you a fantastic MPRE outline to maximize your chances of passing the MPRE! Many first-time takers choose this option. You will be expected to have your own practice questions. For the outline and the one hour session, the cost is $199.99. You can purchase tutoring sessions below.

    Can I really pass the MPRE with MPRE tutoring?

    Yes! Our MPRE tutors can help you pass even if:

    • > you struggle with standardized tests
    • > you have taken the MPRE five, six, or seven or more times
    • > you have not been able to pass the MPRE (or bar exam), and it is not for lack of effort
    • > you did not take a Professional Responsibility or Ethics class in law school
    • > you have not taken the MPRE ever before
    • > you have been out of law school for 20 years and need to take the MPRE as part of your agreement with your disciplinary authority
    • > you are studying for the MPRE at the last minute

    We have had students that fall into each of the above categories — and they have all passed! So even if you feel as though you cannot do it, we assure you, you can!

    Many of our repeat takers get high scores, even above 120. Many of them see their scores increase dramatically, by 20-50 points!


Meet your personal MPRE tutor today!

"Selecting JD Advising was the smartest decision I made regarding prep for the MPRE exam. After scoring a disappointing 76 on the November exam, I knew that following the same routine would most likely yield the same result. A friend recommended JD Advising and from Day 1 of prep, it was clear that the material was sinking in differently. My fabulous tutor, Ambika Mehta, was both thoughtful and helpful, tailoring lessons plans to meet my personal struggles. Moreover, the materials that JD Advising provides, identify exact percentages of questions you’re likely to see and strategically organizes lesson plans for tackling those questions. While my first cycle of MPRE studying involved heavy emphasis on test taking (I took 8 tests from Kaplan, Barbri, Themis), Ambika advised a more thorough analysis of the material itself which led to much better results. Though I only took 2 tests before my second MPRE administration, I felt quite comfortable on test day and achieved a 95. If you want a program that best prepares you for the MPRE, look no further. My only regret is that I wished I had signed up with JD advising the first time! – March 2018 MPRE Taker

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