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meagan jabbori, jd advising

Meagan Jabbori

Bar Exam Course Instructor

Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Meagan E. Jabbori, Esq. has sat for both the Michigan Bar Exam and Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). She scored in the 96th percentile on Washington’s UBE in February 2017. Meagan has been tutoring for law school and the bar exam with JD Advising since 2014. 

Meagan also speaks and writes about the bar exam. She has presented seminars on the Michigan Bar Exam and Uniform Bar Exam and has spoken at various law schools in Michigan and Illinois about the bar exam and law school study tips. Meagan has further established herself as an expert by being a leading contributor to the JD Advising blog, which is read by thousands of individuals. She writes articles on the bar exam, law school, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), and other legal education topics.

Further, Meagan has established herself as an expert on the MPRE. She privately tutors for the MPRE and teaches JD Advising’s MPRE Course, which was personally designed by her. Among her MPRE students, Meagan boasts a 90% passage rate.

Lastly, Meagan is a partner of The Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm. The Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm specializes in writing Michigan Bar Exam appeals. In the last year, The Heidemann Law Firm wrote more passing Michigan Bar Exam appeals than any other law firm in the state of Michigan, thus establishing itself and both partners of the firm as leading experts on the Michigan Bar Examination.

“Meagan is awesome! She really walked me through the topics I was having trouble with and helped me solidify my knowledge on the subjects that I knew but needed to become more confident in. She was able to give me real-world examples which helped me remember nuances much better.”

“Simply – Meagan Jabbori helped me improve my UBE score by a remarkable 51 points. Yes, 51 points. After years of academia, I can confidently say that Meagan was by far the best instructor I have ever had.”

“Meagan took the time to really understand which learning technique worked best for me and she created a study schedule for me.”

heather buck jd advising

Heather Buck

Bar Exam Course Instructor

Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Heather Buck graduated cum laude and in the top 10% of her class at Wayne State University Law School.  She was also selected for the Order of the Coif.  While in law school, Heather received the Patrick J. Burkett Award, which is given to the top first-year law student in the Legal Research and Writing course.  Heather served as an Assistant Editor and Production Editor of The Wayne Law Review, and her note, Legalizing Fraud in Michigan Contract Law, was selected for publication.

Heather passed the Michigan bar exam in 2012 and the California bar exam in 2019.  After law school, she clerked for several judges, worked in the litigation department of a large law firm, and served as in-house counsel for a small mortgage company.  Heather has been at JD Advising since 2018.  She teaches JD Advising’s bar exam courses, and tutors students for the bar exam, all first-year law school classes, and for the MPRE.  

“I did not begin to enjoy studying until my sessions with Heather. She is so darn AWESOME. Working with Heather was the best part of my bar prep journey. I truly looked forward to our sessions – believe it or not, they were actually fun.”

“Heather broke the outlines down piece by piece. She answered any questions that I had. She even answered questions for subjects that I did not request to be a part of my tutoring session. Due to the guidance of JD Advising, my essay score improved by 28 points!”

“Heather’s tips and methods of explaining the topics I thought I understood were invaluable. She gave me great feedback on my essays, prepared me with homework sheets weekly to keep me on task, and even talked me off the ledge when I was in panic mode.”



Bar Exam Course Instructor

Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Lisa is an Attorney Content Creator, Coordinator, Course Instructor, and Tutor with JD Advising. Lisa received a BS in biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an  MD from East Carolina University School of Medicine, and a JD from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Lisa graduated from Mitchell Hamline summa cum laude and was first in her class. Lisa participated in three of Mitchell Hamline’s law journals and published two student notes, both of which are available on Westlaw. Lisa was Executive Editor of Mitchell Hamline’s Law Review Volume 45. While in law school, Lisa earned CALI awards in Contracts, Commercial Law, Advanced Civil Dispute Resolution, Advocacy, Professional Responsibility, and Transactions and Settlements. Lisa previously worked as a child advocacy attorney, representing the best interests of children in high-conflict custody and domestic violence cases.

Lisa scored 323 on the UBE and 163 on the MBE. Lisa is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and Illinois. In her free time, Lisa enjoys running, gardening, and spending time with her family.

“I cannot overstate the value Lisa brought to my bar preparation, especially as it relates to the MPT. The first time I took the bar, I bombed the MPT scoring a 1 and 2 on each essay. Lisa came in and gave me a crystal clear game plan on how to approach the MPT. It was decisive, it was systematic, and a well-thought-out approach that I felt extremely confident with on the day of the bar exam. Every single MPT that was assigned, she walked me through what I did correctly and how to change certain areas to maximize my points. It paid dividends and I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Having a tutor who can adapt and remain committed to your overall objective of passing the bar is what Lisa offered.  I am 100% certain that I would not have passed the bar if it were not for my JD Advising tutor Lisa.”

“[Lisa] tested my understanding of the rules, she gave me essays to write under exam conditions and she graded my essays and gave me feedback at our private zoom meetings. [She] tested my memorization of the rules and made sure I was ready for the exam.”

“[O]ne-on-one tutoring with Lisa greatly helped reinforce tricky subjects and rebuild my confidence prior to re-taking.”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Ninos graduated from the George Washington University Law School in 2019 with highest honors (top 1%), while working full time. He holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, and currently works at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the patents side of the agency.

He passed the Uniform Bar Exam for Washington D.C in July 2019 with a cumulative score of 316, as well as the California Bar Exam in February 2020. He passed both bar exams while working full-time at the USPTO.

Ninos’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Ninos provided clear explanation of different topic areas I was confused about, as well as reviewing a different process for multiple choice questions.”

“Ninos gives me feedback with actionable steps to make productive forward progress.”

“I am grateful I can bring Ninos topics I struggle with and we can review them and talk through concepts together.”

“Ninos is knowledgeable, articulate, and enthusiastic. He’s great at keeping me focused on what’s important while aptly answering any questions that arise. He’s also generous with positive feedback, which helps build much-needed confidence.”


Bar Exam, MPRE and Law School Tutor

Jessica graduated magna cum laude and Order of the Coif from New York University School of Law. At NYU, she was a teaching assistant for Torts and tutored peers in Contracts and Criminal Law. Jessica passed the New York State Uniform Bar Examination in July 2022. She now works in deportation defense at a public interest organization.

Prior to law school, Jessica worked in education for several years. She has extensive experience tutoring and teaching, including with adult learners. In her free time, she likes running (slowly), watching silly television, and hanging with her cat.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Andrew graduated from NYU Law in 2018.  Prior to law school, he worked as a math teacher through the Teach for America program.  Today Andrew works in special education law as a public interest attorney in New York City, helping low-income families of students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education.  He is passionate about access to justice issues as well as making education accessible to all.  Andrew graduated from NYU as a Pro Bono Scholar, with cum laude honors, and participated in several of the law school’s clinics.  When not working, Andrew loves running, cooking, reading, and most especially, spending time with his wife and daughter


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Doriel is a licensed attorney in the State of New York. He graduated from Columbia Law School, where he was a James Kent Scholar. Upon graduating, Doriel worked as an associate at a large law firm for several years. Currently, in addition to working with JD Advising, Doriel works in mental health.

Doriel’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Doriel is very understanding of my personal needs and struggles. Provides great feedback and is very accommodating and patient.”

“Doriel is consistently patient, supportive, and well-versed. He has a clear understanding of the material, such that he can explain in ways that are digestible.”

“Working with Doriel was highly beneficial for preparing for 1L exams. Doriel answered my every question thoroughly and clearly and meticulously clarified complex topics.”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Vince Marrazzo graduated manga cum laude from the University of Notre Dame Law School. While in law school he received the William T. Kirby Award, which is given to the top first year law student in legal research and writing. He received CALI awards in Legal Writing I, Legal Writing II, Military Law, Constitutional Issues in the Military Justice System, and UN & Human Rights Supervision. Vince also served on the Notre Dame Law Review where his note, Judicial Autonomy v. Executive Authority: Which Prevails in the Case of a Postcommutation Collateral Attack?, was published. Since graduating, Vince has published three additional law review articles.  

Vince enjoys helping law students and recent graduates break down complex problems in order to ensure maximize success on test day. 


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Laura is an attorney licensed to practice in New York and Tennessee. She graduated in 2017 from the Duke University School of Law. Her 3L year she served as a Teaching Assistant for a course provided to international students enrolled in Duke Law’s LLM program. She also served on two journals and held leadership positions with Duke Law’s Innocence Project and Government and Public Service Society. She has been licensed to practice law in New York since 2018 and in Tennessee since 2019. Since graduating from law school she has worked for organizations such as the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Tennessee Justice Center. 

Laura currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys volunteering with community organizations including the local library foundation and animal shelter, and exploring nearby parks with her dogs Lizzie and Bett


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Megan graduated from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law in 2020 with certificates in both International and Comparative Law and Public Interest Law, and she passed the Florida Bar Exam shortly after graduation.  On graduation, she also received the Equal Justice Works award based on her law school commitment to public service, and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award based on her oral advocacy skills. 

Megan also received a CALI award in Law and Practice of the United Nations, and she received a Global Public Interest Law Fellowship and Dagen-Legomsky Fellowship to study comparative and international law in South Africa and China during her first summer of law school. During law school, Megan competed with the Jessup International Moot Court Team and won second place in oral advocacy out of more than 450 competitors. Now, Megan is a law clerk to two federal judges in the Eastern District of Missouri.

Prior to law school, Megan graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. After graduation, Megan was awarded a U.S. Fulbright grant to teach English as a second language to fifth and sixth-grade students in Kinmen, Taiwan. She is passionate about teaching and now assists with coaching Washington University’s current Jessup team.

In her free time, Megan loves cooking, backyard bird watching, and cuddling with her puppy.

“Working one on one with Megan helped me so much. She was so positive and encouraging. While working together we were able to break down all of the UBE subjects and really dig deep into them.”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Caroline is a former teacher turned lawyer. She graduated with High Honors from the University of Chicago Law School in 2022. She was elected to the Order of the Coif and earned the Kirkland & Ellis Scholar distinction for her strong academic record in law school. She was also the Symposium & Book Reviews Editor of the University of Chicago Law Review. Her student comment, Education’s Deep Roots: Historical Evidence for the Right to a Basic Minimum Education, was selected for publication in the Law Review in June 2021.

 Caroline passed the UBE in July 2022 with a cumulative score of 339. She is currently clerking in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. When she is not working, Caroline enjoys reading mystery novels, taking barre classes, and spoiling her pet kitten, Abby.

“I really appreciated Caroline’s words of encouragement and all-around positive attitude – I really needed that after not passing the first time. Would highly recommend!”

“My tutor, Caroline, would always take the time to explain even the smallest things and showed me how to connect the dots of different concepts. It felt motivating when I finally understood and memorized things.”

“My tutor Caroline was quick to understand what I needed to pass the bar – which ended up being a lot of positive reinforcement, building my confidence up, discussions on how terms fit into the larger pictures, and then homework that forced me to focus on specific topics but also master my rules.”

“Caroline, I cannot thank you enough for being the best coach, leader and friend. Thank you JD Advising for providing me with everything I needed to pass.”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Bailey is a licensed attorney in New Hampshire. She graduated magna cum laude and in the top 10% of her class from William & Mary Law School in 2019. While in law school, Bailey was a teaching assistant for Torts. She also served on the William & Mary Business Law Review, and was the Training Director of William & Mary’s Alternative Dispute Resolution competition team. 

Bailey passed the July 2019 Uniform Bar Examination, with a total score in the 99th percentile. Bailey currently serves on the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Law Related Education Committee, and has a passion for legal education. In her free time, Bailey enjoys hiking in the white mountains.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Nicole graduated first in her class in the part-time program at the University of Denver in December of 2020. After graduation, she clerked for the Honorable Justice Richard Gabriel on the Colorado Supreme Court and has an upcoming clerkship with Judge Veronica Rossman on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals starting in January of 2024. Nicole passed the February 2021 Uniform Bar Exam with a cumulative score of 326. She currently practices immigration law and criminal defense in Denver.

Nicole is passionate about teaching. She taught English in Chile after college and she worked as a substitute teacher for Denver Public Schools while getting her JD.  Before law school, Nicole got her Master of Arts in International Development and spent several years working in public health.

When she’s not tutoring, you can find Nicole off traveling to new countries with her husband, Mike, or at home making a mess in her kitchen with her fat orange tabby (and sous-chef), Catticus Finch.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Brittany graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, cum laude in 2018. During law school, Brittany served as a teaching assistant for Real Property and served on the executive board of the Race & Social Justice Law Review. Upon graduating Brittany practiced civil rights and constitutional law. Currently, in addition to tutoring with JD Advising, Brittany practices aviation law in New York City.

Brittany took the Uniform Bar Examination in July 2018 and passed with a cumulative score of 324.

Brittany’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Brittany is a very good listener and VERY knowledgeable. She never makes me feel dumb no matter how stupid I think my question is.”

“Brittany is great at giving examples for concepts I struggle with. As I said before, she is knowledgeable and great at explaining concepts in a simple way.”

“Brittany was my tutor: knowledgeable, intelligent, and empathetic. I was pretty much lost until she became my tutor. She quickly assessed my studying habits and pivoted me in the right direction. I would be taking the Bar a second time if not for her.”

“Thank you to JD Advising and tutor Brittany Thomas. I received a 91 on my MPRE score results. I could not have done that without your program. The videos and outlines are on point! Brittany was key in helping me identify why I was missing certain questions, where I needed to shift my focus, and how to approach my review of all the materials.”

“Brittany was incredibly patient with my frustrations and endless questions and made the process an entirely different experience for me. She explained things in a way that made perfect sense and how we all wish law school professors could’ve actually explained the material throughout law school.”

Daniel F.

Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Daniel (he/him) is an attorney licensed in Texas and Oregon. He graduated from the University of Texas School of Law and started his career at the Texas State Board of Pharmacy before moving to Oregon with his partner, Ben, and cat, Peaches. Currently, he consults for a small tech company and performs pro bono work advising buyers of affordable housing in Portland.  

Daniel sat for the February 2021 UBE administered in Texas and passed with a cumulative score of 336. He is an avid cyclist, runner, and swimmer and he loves vegan junk food.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Emily is an attorney licensed in the states of New York and Colorado. Her primary practice focus is Family Law and Criminal Appeals. Emily also serves as a municipal level Judge, and as an adjunct professor teaching New York Penal Law and Criminal Procedure.

Emily graduated cum laude from the University at Buffalo School of Law in 2018 where she completed a concentration in criminal law and served on the editorial board of the Buffalo Law Review. During law school, Emily tutored her fellow law school students and served as a writing fellow for Legal Writing and Research I and II. Emily was also chosen to participate in the competitive Pro Bono Scholar program allowing her to take the bar exam during law school and to work full time during her final semester representing clients under a New York State practice order. Prior to law school, Emily worked as a music teacher for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in England and Germany, and as a high school History teacher in Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Master of Arts in History. Outside of work, Emily enjoys travel, musical performance, cooking, reading, and spending time with her husband and children.

Emily’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Emily is very clear about the strategies that need to be followed. She pays close attention to the student’s needs. I felt that she understood my current situation.”

“Every session I get to learn some more useful tips on how to tackle the bar exam. Emily made Civ Pro actually easy to understand!”

“Emily does a great job giving me strategies for how to approach different types of questions. She also really helps me be realistic about what I need to do to pass the bar exam versus checking off a single “to do” on the homework sheet.”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Elena completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Indiana University at Bloomington. She attended law school at her alma mater; the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. While at Maurer, Elena was awarded Dean’s Honors multiple semesters, was a member of the Indiana Journal for Law and Social Equality, and served as third-year representative to the Student Bar Association. Elena now works in private practice as a Trusts and Estates attorney. She is passionate about tutoring and has served in various tutor positions since high school. Outside of work, Elena enjoys road trips, live music, and doting on her two cats. 

Elena passed the July 2022 Uniform Bar Exam with a score of 329.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Albert graduated magna cum laude in 2016 from Pace University School of Law, where he served as a Teaching Assistant for first-year students, received Dean’s List Honors every semester, and had his student note published in the Pace Intellectual Property, Sports and Entertainment Law Forum.

He sat for and passed the Uniform Bar Exam in July 2016 with a cumulative score of 328. He is licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut, and in addition to tutoring for JD Advising, operates a small solo practice handling general litigation and intellectual property matters, with a focus on representing streamers and esports competitors on Twitch, YouTube, and beyond.

Albert’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Albert was kind but direct and answered all of my questions. I like that he explained things in a simple manner and didn’t rush me even when I struggled to answer right away.”

“Albert introduce me to an effective way of approaching MBE questions.”

“Albert gave great examples and hypotheticals. He took his time to explain examples to me.”

“Overall, I would highly recommend Albert and JD Advising to anyone studying for the bar!”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Christina graduated in 2019 from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, cum laude and in the top 10% of her class. She was selected for the Order of the Coif, the St. Thomas More Law Honor Society, the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society, and was a Dean’s Award Recipient. While in law school, Christina served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review, and her note, How Two Sunken Ships Caused a War: The Legal and Cultural Battle Between Great Britain, Canada, and the Inuit over the Franklin Expedition Shipwrecks, was selected for publication. Before attending law school, Christina received a B.A. in the Program of Liberal Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 2012 and worked in the nonprofit world.

Christina passed the California bar exam in 2019 and worked as an associate in the corporate and securities practice group of a large law firm for several years. Christina lives with her husband and dog in Pasadena, California. In her free time, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and spending time with family. 


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Amanda is a licensed attorney in New York State.  She graduated cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in 2017.  During law school, Amanda worked as a research assistant for Brooklyn Law School’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, served on the editorial board of the Brooklyn Law Review, and was a member of the Moot Court Honor Society, Appellate Division.  She was also a teaching assistant for the Summer Legal Process course at Brooklyn Law School.  Amanda passed the Uniform Bar Exam in July 2017 with a score of 326. Upon graduating, Amanda worked as an Assistant Public Defender for several years. In her free time, Amanda enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her family


Law School Tutor

Jonathan Demers is an attorney licensed in the State of Michigan. He graduated from Wayne State University Law School, cum laude, where he was also the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Law in Society and a nationally-ranked ABA moot court oralist. He prepared for and passed the July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam with a 90th percentile MBE score.

In addition to working with JD Advising, Jonathan serves as in-house legal counsel with the City of Detroit’s Office of the Corporation Counsel. His transactional practice focuses on real estate deals, zoning and land use matters, public space enhancements, and other economic development projects. Before joining the City, Jonathan was an associate at a large Michigan law firm, the executive director of a Detroit-based community development corporation, and a Teach for America-affiliated high school social studies teacher in the Detroit Public Schools.

Jonathan is a proud Detroiter, an avid runner, and is happiest with his wife and three children.

“I started my bar exam studying with one of the big box programs, and it seemed to be going well. Halfway through the summer, I noticed that my mock exams and multiple choice results were not increasing much, and I found myself making some of the same mistakes. I turned to J.D. Advising and purchased one of their private tutoring programs. My tutor was Jonathan and he made studying for the bar much more efficient by making the material I was struggling with easier to understand. From the first session, I realized that I made the right decision to go with J.D. Advising. Scheduling my sessions was easy, even on short notice. I would definitely recommend J.D. Advising to any bar exam taker, especially if you find yourself stalling out on certain topics. With their help, I was able to pass the exam on my first go.”

“After working with Jonathan, I earned grades high enough to land a summer associate position at a big law firm as a 1L.”

“I have been working with Jonathan throughout my 1L Spring semester, and he has been a great help to me in Property & Constitutional Law! We have worked through numerous subjects in these courses and have broken them down into easy-to-grasp concepts and how to apply them in practice, along with honing my outlines in preparation for my final exam. I highly recommend him!”

“Before meeting Jonathan, I was in the dark about how to succeed in law school. After a lackluster first 1L semester, Jonathan immediately helped by solving my most immediate problems with clear steps that would ensure success. He explained concepts that were difficult into simplified, easily digestible, and memorable lectures. He encouraged me whenever I was doubtful and professionally eased my worries always calming me down. Jonathan was a worthy investment to my law school education!”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Julia received her bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in 2018 in Law, the Media, and Human Rights. She earned her J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Richmond School of Law in 2021 and is now a licensed attorney in Minnesota. While in law school, Julia worked three jobs, served on the editorial board of the Public Interest Law Review, co-founded the First-Generation Law Students Association, and served on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board. She received CALI awards in Criminal Procedure, and Advanced Trial Advocacy. Upon graduation, she received the Orell-Brown Award for Clinical Excellence in the Children’s Law Center, and the Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award.

Julia passed the UBE in July 2021 with a score of 319 while working as a Judicial Law Clerk. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, sailing, and spending time with friends.

Julia’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“I was really struggling with the topic of today’s session. But Julia was so patient and helpful! I know I have a lot of work to do, but I really felt better after this session.”

“Julia was well prepared and tailored the class to whatever I felt would be the most helpful for me.”

“Julia was very sweet and non-judgmental!”

“I was very worried about the bar exam because I had a lot going on personally and the bar prep course I had was not working for me. All I knew is that I did not want to take this test again! I used JD Advising when I took the MPRE and received a great score. I had already been using the free materials and attended the free practice sessions. When my family was going through yet another obstacle, I knew that I needed extra help. I purchased one-pagers and later the outlines plus tutoring with Julia. It was the best investment I could have made. The one-pagers were great for quick review at the end of my studies for the day. The outlines were easy to follow and memorize. Julia was patient and understanding, allowing me to vent and helping me see the progress I was making when everything else in my life was falling apart. I am forever grateful for JD Advising. I know I couldn’t have passed the bar (with a score high enough to be licensed in any UBE jurisdiction) without you! Thank you all so much!”


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Rachael is a licensed attorney in Kentucky. She graduated with distinction in May 2020 from the University of Iowa College of Law. She passed the bar that year and, despite sitting for the exam 3 days after returning from the hospital with her newborn son, scored a 326, between the 98th and 99th percentile.

Rachael lives with her husband, son, and daughter in Louisville, KY. She loves playing with her kids, game nights with friends, and serving her church.

Rachael’s Feedback From Recent Sessions

“Rachael was energetic and had a great approach to tutoring. She seems really willing to adapt to my specific needs.”

“Rachael was very well informed, encouraging, strategy-oriented and prepared. Her guidance fits my needs and the progress I have made is due in large part to her support throughout this process.”

“I truly felt engaged the whole time and learned a lot. It was motivating to feel like my tutor truly wanted me to learn and understand the concepts. Rachael gave me some great pointers to study that I had never thought about before but truly made a huge difference!”

“When it came time to figure out how to pass the bar this time around, I knew I needed the best help available. I credit my tutor Racheal and the JD advising materials for passing on my second try. I was just sworn in today and I am so grateful I went with JD Advising. The money seems like a lot on the front end, but for me, today, it feels like the best money I ever spent.”

“Rachael is also very knowledgeable.  She has a great understanding of the law and content that is tested on the UBE.  Rachael was able to help me better understand the content tested on the UBE and improve my writing skills, which made me feel more prepared than I was the first time I took the bar exam. Rachael was a great fit for me as a tutor, as she is very focused and goal-oriented, and was accommodating to my personal needs. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tutor for the bar exam.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Adrienne is an attorney licensed in Rhode Island. She earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University and graduated magna cum laude from Suffolk University Law School. During her time in law school, Adrienne received jurisprudence awards in the study of Basic Federal Income Tax and Secured Transactions. She also received the Distinguished Brief award in her first-year legal writing course. Adrienne sat for the July 2022 UBE administration and earned a cumulative score of 336. She currently works at her family’s business, a small transactional law firm in Rhode Island.

Adrienne spends her free time volunteering at her local farm, discovering new restaurants, and hiking with her Golden Retriever, Tula.

Kathryn T.

Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Kathryn graduated sixth in her class at Golden Gate University School of Law, with CALI awards in Legal Writing & Research, Criminal Procedure I, and Constitutional Law II.  After completing her law degree with highest honors, she passed the California Bar Exam and went on to obtain and L.L.M. from the University of San Diego School of Law in International Law.  Kathryn started her legal career as a law professor, where she enjoyed teaching Legal Writing & Research and Legal Analysis.  While living abroad, Kathryn also taught Legal English to lawyers in Milan, Italy.  She subsequently started her own Estate Planning practice in California.

When she’s not tutoring, Kathryn can be found planning her next adventure with her family, listening to Italian radio, or watching light-hearted crime dramas.


Bar Exam, MPRE, and Law School Tutor

Nicole is a law librarian and attorney licensed in Massachusetts. She graduated magna cum laude from Western New England University School of Law while working full time, earning CALI awards in Civil Procedure, Lawyering Skills I & II, Employee Benefits, Advanced Legal Analysis I & II, Land Use, and White Collar Crime. She passed the Uniform Bar Exam in February 2021 with a cumulative score of 305.  Additionally, Nicole has several years of experience teaching legal research and writing.

Nicole served in the United States Marine Corps and is accredited by the Veterans’ Administration (VA) to assist veterans with filing VA claims. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, and reading.