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mpre topic frequency chart, mpre subject frequency, mpre highly tested topics, mpre highly tested issuesTopic 7: MPRE Topic Frequency Chart 

The best way to study smart for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is to focus on the topics that are highly tested. As you can see from our MPRE topic frequency chart below, not all topics are treated equally on the MPRE! Some (e.g., conflicts of interest, where you can expect to see 6–9 scored questions) are tested significantly more than others (e.g., lawyers’ duties to the public and the legal system, where you will only see 1–2 questions!).

This is not to say that you want to ignore any MPRE topic. However, if your goal is to study in the most efficient way possible, you should pay special attention to the highly tested topics. 

MPRE Topic Frequency Chart

The MPRE topic frequency chart below shows you the topics in order of most-to-least tested. We also tell you the percent that the topic is worth on the MPRE as well as the number of scored questions (out of 50) that you should expect to see on the topic.

MPRE frequency chart

MPRE Subject Matter Outline 

It also is helpful to look at the MPRE subject matter outline so that you can see which specific issues are tested within each subject.  The subject matter outline below is promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the organization that writes the MPRE.mpre subject matter outline, mpre topics, mpre scope, what is tested on the mpre

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