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Our classes are taught by our MPRE expert, Meagan Jabbori, who gets top ratings from students. We don’t just teach you the material, we teach you exactly how it’s tested. Our MPRE outline and highly regarded MPRE One-Sheet highlight the most highly tested rules so you can spend your time studying efficiently. We provide hundreds of MPRE practice questions so you know you are on track to pass the MPRE.

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We give you hundreds of MPRE practice questions with detailed answer explanations.

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Our courses are taught by five-star instructor, Meagan Jabbori, who gets great reviews for her excellent teaching style and illustrative examples.

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We have helped thousands of students pass the MPRE nationwide!

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“JD Advising’s MPRE course is of impeccable quality. The outline focuses on the highly testable materials, so students can prioritize what they want to focus on to best maximize points. Completing both of the previously released MPRE practice exams gave me a great idea of the complexity of the MPRE questions on test day. With the aid of JD Advising’s study materials I scored a 128 on the August 2019 exam. I could not be any more thankful for the materials and how condensed and efficient they were compared to other study sources. Other study sources will give you pages and pages of rules to read and memorize, compared to JD Advising’s bullet-point outline of the most relevant, highly tested information. I recommend JD Advising to everyone looking for the most thorough and efficient study resource.”

- Milan

I PASSED the MPRE!!! Thank you to JD Advising and tutor Brittany Thomas. I received a 91 on my MPRE score results. I could not have done that without your program. The videos and outlines are on point!. Brittany was key in helping me identify why I was missing certain questions, where I needed to shift my focus, and how to approach my review of all the materials. I am an anxious person and stress out easily so I felt ready even after completing the tutoring program with Brittany but I was still nervous because this was an important exam and I did not want to repeat having to take this ever again. I am so very happy about this result and honestly could not have tackled this, nor passed this exam, without JD Advising and Brittany!! Thank You Thank You

- F.G November 2022

This was my second time taking the MPRE and I definitely would not have passed without [my tutor’s] help on this try! Not only did I pass, but my score is high enough to submit in every state. My score increased by 20+ points due to [] tutoring. [My tutor] is very thorough in the way she teaches and reviews; she was able to answer every single question I had. I think the most valuable part of tutoring was being able to actively go through questions with her and ask questions as I went along. I found JD Advising’s MPRE outline much more coherent and easy to digest compared to the standard commercial outlines. I would be more than happy to recommend JD Advising and [my tutor] to any friends looking to pass the MPRE.

- J.J., Second Time MPRE Taker

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