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Exclusive LIVE California Mastery Class—July 14, 2024 @ 11:00 AM PT

Join us for this unique session, crafted to amplify your potential of mastering the California Bar Exam!

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JD Advising’s California Essay Exam Mastery Class


If you are looking for a fantastic review of some highly tested, difficult, and predicted topics, sign up for our LIVE California Essay Exam Mastery Class today. Available ONLY on July 14, 2024 at 11:00 AM PT (2 PM ET).

“The material provided was great!”

“I finished all the essays and felt way more confident walking out of the essay portion of the exam.”

“I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for some extra help prior to the bar exam.”

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This mastery class is tailored specifically to issues ripe for testing on the July 2024 bar exam.

Excel With The California Essay Exam Mastery Class

  • Focused Coverage: We spotlight the topics with the highest likelihood of featuring on the California Essay Exam.
  • Deep Dives: Delve into the most frequently tested topics and navigate the complex ones that often stump students.
  • Comprehensive Summaries: We present a thorough breakdown of core subjects—from Agency and Corporations to Trusts, Wills & Succession. Plus, we tackle overlapping MBE subjects like Real Property and Evidence. Enrich your understanding with captivating visuals.
  • Last-Minute Strategies: Gain vital pointers perfect for the final weeks of bar exam preparation.
  • Stay Updated: We keep you informed on recent cases that have the potential to make their way into the bar exam.

Our commitment? Delivering first-rate, tried-and-true content in a digestible format. Our strategy? Reviewing years of past bar exams to discern and detail the most pivotal areas of law. The result? A well-crafted handout peppered with memorable visuals and engaging insights from our dynamic California Bar Exam specialist!

Why Choose The California Essay Exam Mastery Class?

Expert Review

Dive deep into the essentials likely to feature on the California Essay Exam. Curious? Watch a sample lecture.

Informed Predictions

We analyze past essays and forecast topics for the imminent bar exam, keeping our class updated for every bar administration.

Elite Instruction

Learn from a top-tier five-star instructor who knows the bar exam inside and out.

Targeted Focus

Stay aligned with pivotal topics, ensuring you step into the exam brimming with confidence.

Essay & Case Checklist

We equip you with a checklist spotlighting key essays and cases to emphasize in your final days of bar exam prep.

Maximized Success

Prestigious law firms and top-tier law schools vouch for our mastery classes, amplifying your success prospects on the bar.

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“I purchased JD advising MEE one sheets and I also took the MEE seminar. I found both to be very helpful and just wanted to say thank you SO much. This was my second time taking the bar exam. I saw a 26 point difference in my score. I am especially thankful for the family law discussion in the seminar because it was very beneficial to me in writing my family law essay on the actual exam, and for the detailed answers to my follow up questions post seminar. Thank you again!! I am so happy I chose to invest in these materials.”

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