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California Essay Exam Mastery Class

An efficient and focused approach to California Bar Exam prep

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JD Advising’s California Essay Exam Mastery Class


If you are looking for a fantastic review of some highly tested, difficult, and predicted topics, sign up for our California Essay Exam Mastery Class today.

“The material provided was great!”

“I finished all the essays and felt way more confident walking out of the essay portion of the exam.”

“I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for some extra help prior to the bar exam.”

If you’d like to watch a sample of the lecture, you can view one here!

The California Essay Exam Mastery Class covers:

  • The topics most likely to appear on the California Essay Exam.
  • Highly tested topics that are ripe for testing.
  • Difficult topics that students tend to have trouble with.
  • A multi-page summary of the highly tested issues on the California Essay Exam for every single subject—Agency, Partnership, Corporations, Community Property, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Trusts, and Wills & Succession—as well as all of the subjects that overlap with the MBE (Real Property, Evidence, Torts, Constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law & Procedure, and Civil Procedure). This summary includes memorable images!
  • Tips for the last two weeks of bar exam preparation.
  • An overview of recent cases that could appear on the bar exam.

We provide high-quality and highly tested information in an easy to learn, concise format. We make the outline and design the lecture for this mastery class by literally reading through years of past bar exams. Then we look at the most highly tested and recently tested issues. We use that information to decide the key areas of law to include in our outline. Lastly, we include memorable images and instruction from our charismatic California Bar Exam lecturer!

Why sign up for the California Essay Exam Mastery Class?

A High-Quality Final Review

We provide a high-quality final review of what you are most likely to see tested on the California Essay Exam! If you’d like to watch a sample of the lecture, you can view one here!

Predictions for Upcoming Essays

We give you an overview of what was previously tested on essays and predictions on what we think might be tested on the upcoming bar exam! We update the mastery class each bar exam administration!

Instruction by Bar Exam Experts

Our class is taught by a five-star instructor who knows the bar exam inside and out.

A Focused Review

Our California Essay Exam Mastery Class keeps you focused on the topics you are most likely to see so you can walk into the bar exam with confidence.

An Essay and Case Checklist

We give you a checklist of which essays to review and cases to focus on during your final days of preparing!

The Best Chance of Passing the Bar

Top law firms and several law schools pay for our reputable class! It will increase your chances of passing the bar!

Sign up for our highly regarded class now!

“I purchased JD advising MEE one sheets and I also took the MEE seminar. I found both to be very helpful and just wanted to say thank you SO much. This was my second time taking the bar exam. I saw a 26 point difference in my score. I am especially thankful for the family law discussion in the seminar because it was very beneficial to me in writing my family law essay on the actual exam, and for the detailed answers to my follow up questions post seminar. Thank you again!! I am so happy I chose to invest in these materials.”

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