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JD Advising Bar Exam Essay Feedback

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Essay Feedback by Bar Exam Experts

We specialize in providing bar exam essay feedback and review. JD Advising employs bar exam tutors who have read thousands of bar exam essays. We also have a law firm which has an extremely high success rate in appealing failed bar exam essays scores. We know what graders like to see, and what they don’t like to see! Our bar exam tutors and essay graders have passed bar exams in Washington, Michigan, California, New York, New Jersey, and Missouri. We have given bar exam essay feedback for students taking the bar exam in states across the nation. We specialize in assisting students with the Uniform Bar Exam, the Multistate Essay Exam, the Multistate Performance Test, and the California Bar Exam.

Note that when we give you feedback, our goal is not simply to copy and paste the model answer into the feedback. Or to give you merely grammatical tips. While we will correct law and structural/organizational defects, our goal is to find patterns and tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and how to correct that.

For example, we will not just say, “your organization needs work.” We instead say, “organize your answer around the call of the question by looking at A, B, and C.” We will not just say, “use more facts!” We will instead give you tips for using more facts. This approach helps students make substantial progress. If you are looking for an example of our feedback, please see this PDF of some MEE sample feedback.

What sets JD Advising apart?


Our attorney essay graders are experienced in providing top-notch feedback.


We answer any questions you have and give you time-tested ways to improve your score.


Our attorney essay graders excel at providing expert feedback to students.

Personalized Feedback

We provide personalized feedback with exactly what you need to improve your score.

Insight into Grading

We tell you changes you can make to maximize the points you receive on your essay.

Excellent Reviews

We provide grading to law students and top law schools and get great reviews from our students!

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