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California Bar Exam One-Sheets

Study efficiently for the California Bar Exam!

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Get the upper hand on the California Bar Exam

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Your biggest asset when you are studying for the bar exam is time. The California Bar Exam One-Sheets will save you hours of time studying for the California Bar Exam. They will tell you how to focus your studying. And they will help you walk into the California Bar Exam confidently!

Many students forget that the written portion of the California Bar Exam (the five essays + the performance test) is weighted equally as the MBE portion. Maximize your chances of passing the California Bar Exam by using our California Bar Exam One-Sheets to help you with the essay portion!

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Why purchase California Bar Exam One-Sheets?


The California Bar Exam One-Sheets don’t waste any time with material that is unlikely to be tested on the California bar exam. Rather, each One-Sheet focuses on the most highly tested areas of law with dates when each topic was tested.


The California Bar Exam One-Sheets tell you the most highly tested areas of the law in just one sheet—front and back. They serve as an excellent last-minute overview as well as a great guide on what to focus on when you study.


The California Bar Exam One-Sheets tell you what the trends are in each subject. They also tell you when to discuss certain issues and what the conclusion tends to be when some issues are tested.


The California Bar Exam One-Sheets tell you what to say in your answer when certain issues are tested. They also contain mnemonics and creative ways to remember elements of the law.


We meticulously read every single California Bar Exam essay question and answer from 2001 to the most recent administration to compile a summary of the most highly tested areas that you can review in one page. We did the hard work so that you don’t have to.


Our one-sheets are a super-efficient and productive way to approach the essay portion of the California Bar Exam. They will give you a huge leg-up over others who are trying to focus on long outlines from commercial courses.

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California Bar Exam One-Sheets Sample

Below you will find a sample for our Wills one-sheet. (You can see both pages in PDF form here.)

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  • > FORMAT: We have both hard copy and download purchase options! There are 26 pages of substance. The 14 California essay subjects are detailed in one page, front and back. See a sample above. These are updated with the July 2021 issues.
  • > SUBJECTS: All California essay subjects are covered, including Civil Procedure, Real Property, Contracts & Sales, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Torts, Agency and Partnership, Corporations, Community Property, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Trusts, and Wills.

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