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We have fantastic tutors and have helped hundreds of students improve their MBE scores with our private MBE tutoring program. Many students see their MBE scores improve 20-30 points or more. We have helped hundreds of students pass the bar exam using our bar exam private tutoring program — both first-time takers and repeat bar exam takers. Our MBE tutoring program was designed by our JD Advising founder, who scored a 180 on the MBE portion of the bar exam. Our tutors have scored in the 95th percentile on several state bar exams, including New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, and Michigan!

You will walk into the MBE confidently, knowing you have the JD Advising advantage!

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What sets JD Advising apart?


Meeting with a tutor on a regular basis will keep you accountable and help ensure you get your work done! Tutors are not only teachers, they are coaches who will help keep you on track to pass the bar exam!

Expert MBE Strategies

We offer excellent instruction by bar exam experts. Our bar exam tutors have scored in the top percentile on the bar exam and have helped hundreds of students pass the bar exam.

High-Quality Outlines

As part of our tutoring program, we give you fantastic outlines that are precisely tailored to the bar exam. Many students use our services in part because of our fantastic reputation our outlines have.

Personalized Preparation

We offer a study plan that is tailored to your needs and your schedule. We take into account all circumstances—this includes past bar exam scores, whether you are working or other obligations, and your comfort level with the material—to figure out the perfect study plan for you.

Graded Assignments

If you are in a Uniform Bar Exam state or a state where we offer essay grading, we will also assign one essay per one-hour tutoring session. This feedback is given by the tutor and will help you maximize your score on the written portion of the essay exam.

The Best Chance of Passing

We have helped thousands of students pass the bar exam nationwide! During a private tutoring session, we cover the highly tested and most difficult areas of substantive law. We also cover strategies so that you see your scores improve through practice.

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“This was the second time taking the bar exam for me. Score overall increased about 30+ points. I passed by 20 points. Tutoring helped me learn what I didn’t know and help me strategize for studying and for the exam day. It helped me build confidence and knowledge. It was more interactive than Barbri and it helped keep me on track during studying. It was convenient and accessible. I was able to ask questions and find the areas I needed to work in most. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with building test studying strategy and those who struggle testing and have anxiety on test day and during prep. . . .I barely missed it the first time around and was really disappointed and scared that i would fail again, but I passed and was able to keep my job and move on with my career. I couldn’t have done it without JD Advising. Score increased from 257 to 292!”

-Successful Bar Exam Taker

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