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Bar Exam Services

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With our private tutoring program, you will receive one-on-one instruction by a bar exam expert. We offer a plan tailored to you. We also offer high quality materials and essay feedback (depending on your jurisdiction). Early application is advised.


We offer a premium full-service Uniform Bar Exam course which provides superior instruction and materials. We keep personal track of each student. We also provide options tailored to each portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (the essay and MBE portion).


We offer a fantastic MBE course specifically tailored to repeat takers who are looking to significantly boost their score. We also offer private tutoring and myriad products including released MBE questions, MBE seminars, and MBE products, such as one-sheets.


We offer a premium full-service Michigan bar exam course, as well as an essay-only course, seminars, products and a book on how to pass the Michigan bar exam. We are known for our high bar exam passage rate as well as our dedication to quality and service.