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MPRE Services

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MPRE Course

Our MPRE course comes with excellent lectures, a great MPRE outline, hundreds of free practice questions, flashcards, and is rated five stars by our students! *Update: we have a new MPRE Crash Course available now!

MPRE Tutoring

We offer in-depth private MPRE tutoring to students across the country. We have a passage rate above 90% and with most students seeing significant score increases! Meet one-on-one with an experienced MPRE expert!

MPRE Questions

We offer the most recent, real, released MPRE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). These are the best questions you can buy to prepare for the MPRE! We also offer free questions in our course.

Free Resources

We have several excellent free resources including our very popular MPRE course, MPRE one-sheet, MPRE outline, MPRE guide, MPRE blog posts, and videos. We also offer hundreds of MPRE practice questions in our free MPRE course.