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How to Succeed in Law School Guide: Introduction and Table of Contents

In this guide, we discuss how to succeed in law school. Law school is very different than undergrad. The teaching style is different, the homework is different, the grading is different, and the exams are different! So having a time-tested strategy can make a huge difference between excelling in law school or merely being average.

Unfortunately, nobody tells you how to succeed in law school once you get there. Professors do not tell you what to focus on. You are just thrown into your classes and given a lot of work from the beginning! So, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a comprehensive—and free—guide on how to succeed in law school.

This guide was written by a #1 law student and the strategies found within this guide have helped thousands of pre-law students and law students excel in law school.

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This guide is divided into four parts:


We introduce you to the guide and give you an overview of how to succeed in law school.

Part 1: 1L Basics—What is IL Year?

Here, we tell you what classes you will take, how law school is different from college, and why the first year of law school matters so much.

Part 2: How to Succeed on Law School Final Exams

We give you an overview of how to succeed on law school final exams, and detailed guidance on each step (outlining, learning your outlines, and exam-taking strategies). We also give you guidance on how to create a law school study schedule.

Part 3: Other Important Law School Skills

Here, we go through other important law school skills. We tell you how to read and brief cases, how to prepare for class, how to survive the Socratic method, and why networking is important in law school!

Part 4: Law Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Other Resources

Here, we answer some of your frequently asked questions and point you to additional helpful law school resources!

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