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JD Advising MPT Guide

Master the MPT portion of the bar exam!

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Excel on the MPT portion of the bar exam!

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In this MPT guide, we take you from beginning to end in how to write an MPT. We provide guidance that teaches you how to conquer the MPT portion of the bar exam. Our MPT guide is divided into five parts:

Part I. Get familiar with the basics. The first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with what the MPT is and how to approach different types of tasks. Figure out what the MPT tests so you can write high-scoring answers. And learn why you should take the MPT seriously.

Part II. Learn how to format your MPTs and how to answer each type of MPT task. Figure out the general structure you should follow for persuasive briefs, objective memoranda, letters, and other “wildcard tasks.” Practice formatting and put these suggestions into practice by filling out a blank “formatting cheat sheet”. Learning how to format MPTs will increase your MPT score as it will make it readily apparent to the grader that you know what you’re doing. It will also increase your confidence on the MPT day.

Part III. Practice Baby MPTs. Here we have a “baby MPT” which uses the same brief file and library and has you complete the four most common MPT tasks (a persuasive brief, objective memo, demand letter, and opinion letter). It is an excellent and efficient way to get started on the MPT portion of the exam! Our students find baby MPTs to be extremely helpful in easing anxiety and helping them learn how to approach the MPT portion of the bar exam.

Part IV. Make the most of your MPT practice. The best thing you can do is practice intelligently! Learn how to self-grade MPTs and use point sheets and student answers to score high.

Part V. Polish your MPT score. We go over some last-minute tips for MPTs and also tell you other resources you can use to increase your MPT score even more. We also have some blank MPT cheat sheets if you want to make sure you have the MPT formats down.

Note that a lot of the tips come from blog posts, although you will have all of them in a much more organized and step-by-step fashion. Also, some of the material is only found in the MPT guide—for example, the baby MPTs. As explained above, the “baby MPTs” all use the same file and library (but have different task memos) so that you can try each of the four main types of MPT tasks without spending 90 minutes per MPT. They are shorter than a normal MPT so that you can maximize your time as you begin to approach this task.

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What sets JD Advising apart?

Step-by-Step Guide

Many students feel overwhelmed by the MPT. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to read an MPT, how to approach it, and how to organize your answer.

Instantly Available

The MPT guide is a 1 MB PDF. The MPT Guide will be e-mailed to you automatically upon purchase and you should receive it in your inbox within a few minutes.

Baby MPTs

We have “baby MPTs” in our MPT Guide, which can quickly show you the difference between the MPT formats and help you feel comfortable with the MPT from the beginning.

Intelligent Approach

We teach you how to practice MPTs in an intelligent manner. We show you how to self-grade MPTs and exactly how you should be using point sheets and student answers to maximize your MPT score.

An Updated Resource

Our MPT Guide was updated in 2021 to reflect the most recent MPTs tested on the bar exam. We also updated our resources section so that you have the most up to date information at your fingertips.

“Your MPT guide was extremely helpful to me in learning the structure and format of the MPT!”

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