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I am so grateful to have taken the Premium UBE course . . . For the July 2022 UBE, I used [a commercial course] to study and while it gave the big picture overviews of the subjects, my exam score was only 266 (not enough to pass in NC which requires 270). I decided that I needed to really focus in and get a plan that would help me improve both multiple choice and essays. After taking the JD Advising UBE Premium Course, I passed the February 2023 exam with a UBE score of 307!!!! JD Advising helped me boost my overall score 41 points, which is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much again.

- July 2022 Uniform Bar Exam Passer, Increased Score 41 Points!

I usually don’t leave reviews BUT I cannot rave enough about JD Advising. This course came highly recommended by a friend, another repeat-taker. I passed the NYS Bar for the third time with 10 points over the passing score – the tears still stream down! Having studied with Bar Prep materials from other companies, the JD ADVISING UBE Course is PHENOMENAL!!! The outlines are precise, nuanced yet not overwhelming compared to others. The 2 course instructors, Meagan and Heather are AMAZING – their lectures are engaging and just so well structured. The entire course strikes a results-driven balance between not being overwhelming yet extracting key information to understand and memorize. Also, Heather’s approach to the MPT is spot on!!! Check out her free MPT webinar. After consistently following her advice and tips, I was able to understand key strategies to gain points while delivering a cohesive finished product. The fact that this course is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than other companies and delivers RESULTS if you put in the work, demonstrates they are motivated by integrity and a genuine desire for their clients to achieve their goals – whether as a first-time taker or repeat-taker. The entire team goes above and beyond – Hannah was such a pleasure to deal with. She was always there to answer my questions promptly and thoroughly. THANK YOU JD ADVISING!!!

- February 2023 Uniform Bar Exam On Demand Student

I am so grateful to have taken the Premium UBE course instructed by Meagan, Lisa, and Heather. Heather truly re-shaped my strategy and approach to the MPT. The amount of multiple-choice practice with actual bar exam questions drastically improved my MBE score. The MEE Outlines and One-sheets were critical to improving my essay responses.  For the July 2022 UBE, I used Barbri to study and while it gave the big picture overviews of the subjects, my exam score was only 266 (not enough to pass in NC which requires 270). I decided that I needed to really focus in and get a plan that would help me improve both multiple choice and essays. After taking the JD Advising UBE Premium Course, I passed the February 2023 exam with a UBE score of 307!!!! JD Advising helped me boost my overall score 41 points, which is absolutely incredible.

Thank you so much again.

- February 2023 Uniform Bar Exam Premium Course Student

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LL.M. Comprehensive Bar Exam Program

Experience our unrivaled, personalized, and expert-driven approach to conquering the bar exam in a program create specifically for LL.M.s!

Succeed on the U.S. Bar Exam: Specialized Bar Exam Preparation Program for LL.M. Graduates, Including Graduates of Foreign LLM Programs

Passing the bar exam in the United States is challenging for everyone. L.L.M graduates, especially those from foreign LLM programs or for whom English is not their first language, can benefit from a specialized bar exam preparation program crafted for their particular needs. JD Advising’s L.L.M. Comprehensive Bar Exam Program provides you will all the resources you need to conquer the U.S. bar exam, including extensive information concerning the Constitution, governmental structure, courts, and legal system in the United States. Our bar exam experts will guide you every step of the way in your preparation for success on test day. The L.L.M. Comprehensive Bar Exam Course, which begins 6 months before you take the bar exam includes 40 hours of one-on-one tutoring with your own individual Bar Exam Expert Tutor, two comprehensive JD Advising bar exam courses, one overview bar exam course, access to JD Advising’s famous outlines and other premium JD Advising resources (including our wildly popular One-Sheets!), and real MBE Questions released from the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Quick Overview:

  • LL.M. Consultation: Your Bar Exam Expert Tutor will meet with you initially to come up with a plan tailored to your needs.
  • 40 Hours of Focused, Individual Tutoring: Start with one hour of tutoring each week, with more time added as the exam gets closer. In total, you get 40 hours of one-on-one tutoring over the course of the L.L.M. Comprehensive Bar Exam Course.
  • Two Comprehensive Bar Exam Courses: In the beginning, you’ll have access to our MBE Course. As the bar exam nears, you will choose from JD Advising’s In-Person Premium Course in New York City, JD Advising’s Live Online Premium UBE Course, or one of JD Advising’s On-Demand Courses. This approach allows you to review the most difficult material twice and provides you with a personalized program.
  • Top Study Materials: Get our most popular outlines, One-Sheets, guides, and flashcards!
  • Exclusive Preparation: Our L.LM. Comprehensive Bar Exam Course stands out from others with our personalized and tailored approach!

This is your chance to use your legal knowledge from your country and meet the challenges of the U.S. bar exam.

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What sets JD Advising apart for LL.M. Students?

Globally Focused

Our program is exclusive to LL.M. students, accepting only those who seek to excel on the bar exam.

Customized For You

We offer a custom-tailored bar exam study journey, including personal tutoring and a course suite designed with you in mind.

Experienced Guidance

You will be paired with a Bar Exam Expert Tutor who specializes in helping students achieve bar exam success.

Dedicated Support

We don’t just prepare you; we partner with you, requiring your full engagement while providing unparalleled resources and support.

Your Success Is Our Mission

Our Bar Exam Expert Tutors, Bar Exam Master Course Instructors, and Bar Exam Account Executive Specialists are dedicated to your success, offering step-by-step guidance throughout your bar exam preparation.


Our LL.M. Bar Exam Comprehensive Program is the only one of its kind in the United States, offering an unparalleled level of personalized assistance and support.

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