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MPT Mastery Class

Boost your Multistate Performance Score (MPT) score!

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Boost Your MPT Score

Get the JD Advising advantage!

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is the most overlooked portion of the exam. Many students put it off until the last minute, and then they are not sure how to tackle this extremely important part of the bar exam.

The MPT is worth 20% of your score in a UBE jurisdiction. This is the equivalent of 70 scored multiple-choice questions! Since many students do not prepare adequately for the MPT, you will put yourself at a huge advantage by preparing, and by taking advantage of this MPT Mastery Class.

JD Advising’s MPT Mastery Class will provide you with the guidance that you need so that you can excel on the MPT portion of the bar exam.

Click here for a sample of the MPT Mastery Class booklet that you receive electronically with your purchase.

What sets JD Advising apart?

An Exam Day Strategy

The MPT Mastery Class will teach you how to conquer the MPT portion of the bar exam on exam day.

MPT Formatting

You will learn how to format each type of MPT task, so you are prepared for any MPT task.

Comprehensive Instruction

Our expert MPT instructor will walk you through a real MPT, step by step, so you can apply what you learned in the lecture.

Excellent Resources

Along with the MPT Mastery Class recording, you will receive the MPT Mastery Class handout as well as the sample MPT covered in the lecture.

Expert MPT Tips

The MPT Mastery Class provides multiple MPT Tips to help you build your MPT skills for success on exam day.

Convenient Format

The MPT Mastery Class is prerecorded, so you can learn how to master the MPT at your convenience—whenever you choose!

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“I found the seminar to be extremely helpful! The type of MPT was predicted accurately so I was able to really focus on the suggested subject areas prior to the exam. It was a great supplement to the commercial bar prep class I took, which I found to be overly generalized. I also really appreciated the formatting templates as well! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone studying for the UBE.”

-MPT Seminar Attendee

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