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Sources for FREE MPRE Questions

free mpre questions, increase your MPRE scoreSources for FREE MPRE Questions

There are a plethora of sources for free MPRE questions. Many students get free MPRE questions as well as a free lecture if they sign up to take a commercial bar review course (such as our JD Advising course, or Barbri, Kaplan, Themis, etc.). However, if you have not yet committed to a course or if you are simply looking for more resources, feel free to explore the ones below.

Besides the first resource (which we highly recommend) we do not vouch for the effectiveness of the other resources, besides ours. Some may be good; some may not be so good! We just tried to compile a list of all of the free ones we could find! We recommend you try a variety of questions to prepare yourself for the MPRE exam. Continue reading Sources for FREE MPRE Questions

Topic 8: Become Familiar with the Key Words and Phrases on the MPRE

key words and phrases on the mpreTopic 8: Become Familiar with the Key Words and Phrases on the MPRE

Some students answer several MPRE questions incorrectly simply because they are not familiar with how the question is asked. Learning exactly what a question is asking is a critical first step if you want to maximize your MPRE score. Here, we tell you the key words and phrases you should be familiar with on the MPRE. We also tell you how to become familiar with them.

Continue reading Topic 8: Become Familiar with the Key Words and Phrases on the MPRE

Why to Take the August MPRE (and take it seriously!)

Multiple choice questions on law school examsThe August MRPE will be here before we know it. The exam will take place on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

A lot of students sign up for the August MPRE and don’t take it seriously because they know they can take it again in November if they need to. However, we advise against that mentality.

The MPRE is something that should be given a fair amount of attention. Just like any other scholastic venture, the amount of time and attention it requires depends on the individual taking the exam. But, no matter how you tend to fair with standardized exams, the MPRE definitely requires some level of studying for everyone that takes it.   Continue reading Why to Take the August MPRE (and take it seriously!)

I Failed the MPRE. What Should I do?

law-books-291692_640Today is the results release date of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) given in March. Some students feel relieved to have the MPRE over with. Others, however, find that they failed the MPRE and are left wondering what went wrong. “I failed the MPRE. What should I do?” is a question we hear a lot more often than you may think!

First, relax. You can take the MPRE again. It is not a one-shot deal. If you still have additional semesters of law school left, you should feel even more relaxed as it will not delay your ability to take the bar exam (in fact, only a few states make it a prerequisite to taking the bar exam. Most states allow you to take the bar exam prior to passing the MPRE).  Continue reading I Failed the MPRE. What Should I do?

How to Pass the MPRE the First Time You Take It

Pass the MPREHow to Pass the MPRE the First Time you Take It: The MPRE is a two-hour-long ethics exam composed of 60 multiple choice questions (50 of which are scored questions and 10 of which are nonscored “test questions”). A passing score on the MPRE is required in order to be admitted to the bar in every jurisdiction except Maryland, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico. It is scored on a scale of 50 – 150 with the average score being 100. The score that is needed to pass the MPRE varies depending on where you take the exam but is generally between 75 and 86.

The MPRE tests the rules in the ABA (American Bar Association) Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Model Code of Judicial Conduct as well as leading federal and state cases and rules of evidence and procedure. The MPRE is not based on any particular state’s rules.

In this post, we will tell you how to pass the MPRE the first time you take it.  Continue reading How to Pass the MPRE the First Time You Take It