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How Long Should I Study For The MPRE?

How Long Should I Study For The MPRE?Contrary to what you may hear, the MPRE is not “easy”! So you want to study for it! (Or, if you decide not to,  you should be okay with taking it more than once!)

How Long Should I Study For The MPRE?

Our general advice for how long you should study for the MPRE is as follows: It is helpful to take the MPRE after you take Professional Responsibility. Then you should plan on, as a general rule, starting at least a month out. Study between 4 and 6 hours a week. Focus first on memorizing the rules. Then move on to taking practice exams.

Some students start studying the week before (or a few days before) but they are at a much higher risk of failing. And they also put undue pressure and stress on themselves. Further, many times they end up neglecting other important things (e.g. preparing for class) so that they can study. We do not recommend starting the week before!

Note that there are several factors in deciding how long to study. You may want to start even before a month early if you:

  • have not taken Professional Responsibility (or an equivalent ethics class) in law school.
  • did take Professional Responsibility or the equivalent ethics class in law school, but the class did not focus on the model rules. (The MPRE intensely focuses on the black letter law, so if your professor focused more on theory or some other aspect of professional responsibility, you have more catching up to do!)
  • have a jam-packed schedule (e.g., with work and school).
  • if it is a “high stakes” test for you. Start early rather than later so you minimize your chance of failing. What is a “high stakes” test? If you cannot take the bar exam until you pass the MPRE, that is high stakes. Or if you already passed the bar exam and the MPRE is your last hurdle to acceptance to the bar, that is also high stakes!
  • you have failed the MPRE multiple times already. In order to reduce the chance of this happening again, start early and change your approach!

So, if you’ve asked yourself “How Long Should I Study For The MPRE?,” remember that it all depends on your preparation. You cannot just show up and take the test blindly. Take the time to fully prepare so you don’t have to take it again!

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