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what score do I need to pass the MPREWhat does my MPRE Score mean?

Scores for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)  typically come out within four weeks after the exam. The scores will be sent to your National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) account.  Once scores are released you should be sure to save your score report because it will only be available for a short period of time.

The exam is scored on a point range from 50 to 150. A score of 50 is the lowest and 150 is the highest. Each jurisdiction sets its own passing score. However, most states require somewhere between a score of 75 and 86 to pass. (Please see this post if you are wondering what score your state requires to pass.)

If you are wondering what your MPRE score means — see the chart above. (It comes from the NCBE website and is from 2014.)

  • A score of 50 is close to the bottom percentile.
  • The average score is 93-94 (depending on when you take the exam).
  • A 130 and above is a high score (in the top 5th percentile and above).

The MPRE consists of 50 scored and 10 unscored questions. Your score is based on the questions that you answer. To put it another way, if you answer a question and get it wrong points are not subtracted. Rather, you receive points for correct answers. (So, if you have yet to take the exam, it is best to answer every question whether you are sure of the answer or not.)

According to the NCBE, every MPRE exam is scaled. This is to account for the fact that different questions are asked at each administration, and thus the level of difficulty changes. This makes it so that one MPRE is not harder or easier to pass than others. However, due to this, there is not a set number of questions that you have to get right on the MPRE in order to pass because it changes each administration.  (However, if you are wondering the approximate number of questions that you have to answer correctly to achieve a specific score, please see this post.)

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