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JD AdvisingWhy Failing the MPRE can Be a Good Thing

Nobody wants to have to retake the MPRE. It is a hassle to study for, a hassle to take, and a hassle to register for. Many students are embarrassed to have failed the MPRE (since there is this widespread rumor that it is an “easy” exam!).

However, even though failing the MPRE can leave you with a bad feeling, failing the MPRE can be a good thing too. We tutor a lot of repeat MPRE takers and this is what we hear from them:

Why Failing the MPRE can be a Good Thing:

  • Failing the MPRE helps students to take the bar exam seriously. They know that they can fail an exam and they get very serious about the bar exam right away (unlike students who have never failed anything prior to the bar exam who tend to be a bit more lax in the beginning of their bar exam studies). Some students say that they probably would not have passed the bar exam the first time they took it had they not failed the MPRE.
  • Failing the MPRE often leads students to learn multiple-choice strategies prior to studying for the bar exam — Indeed, the MPRE questions are very similar in their difficulty level to bar exam questions. We have a tutoring session that is specifically designed to teach MPRE multiple-choice strategies and these strategies help many students for the bar exam as well. Students do not generally get “serious” about learning multiple-choice strategies for the MPRE (or the bar exam) unless they have at least one failed exam under their belt. Thus, failing the MPRE once can help you in this regard.
  • Students will know their ethics! If you failed the MPRE, reviewing the ethics rules again will help you professionally and it will help you again on the bar exam if ethics is tested again on your bar exam.

You obviously want to pass the next time you take it (which could be in August or November). We have several free MPRe study tips below.

Further, we offer MPRE tutoring if you are interested in working one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with multiple-choice strategies as well as substantive law. We meet some students for just one session to cover MPRE strategies. Other students we meet multiple times (between two and six times). We offer tutoring online and in person.

Additionally, if you are looking for free resources, you are in luck! For more MPRE tips and tricks, we highly recommend that you review all of our MPRE posts by clicking here. Some popular ones are:

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