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What To Do The Summer Before Law School

If you are starting law school this fall, you may be wondering what to do the summer before law school to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible! Here, we have some great and helpful links to some of our best posts on what to do the summer before law school. We are excited to share them with you below!

Get law school started on the right foot! These are some of our top posts that give guidance on what to do the summer before law school.

The Summer Before: 

  • Free Law School Prep Course: This free law school prep course teaches you the skills you need to succeed in law school (reading cases, outlining, taking exams, answering questions on call) as well as substantive law for each of your first-year law school courses! Best of all, it is completely free! It is our top recommendation on what to do the summer before law school.
  • How (and Why) to Have a Fun Summer Before Law School: It is worth it to take a real BREAK before law school and have some fun!! In this post, we tell you why!
  • 10 Books To Read Before Starting Law School: These are some of our favorite law school books! If you are looking to do some summer reading, consider adding some of these to your list!
  • Essentials to Add to Your Law School Shopping List: here are some essential supplies we recommend you purchase before you head to your first day of class!

Getting Closer to Starting…

Law School Basics:

Mental and Physical Health Tips: 

  • Am I Mentally Ready for Law School? We recommend you ask yourself these four questions to see if you are mentally ready for law school!
  • Tips to Manage Law School Stress: Nobody said law school was easy! Read some of our best tips for handling law school stress.
  • How to Stay Healthy in Law School: With everything else you have going on, it is hard to make health a priority. Here are some of our tips for incorporating healthy habits right into your busy law school study routine.
  • Law Student FAQ: Here are some frequently asked questions that law students have. Read on to see if you have any of the same questions…

Best of luck as you get ready for law school! Please contact us if you have any questions!

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