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Highly Tested Multistate Essay Exam Topics—A Guide by JD Advising

One of the key ways to study smart for the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) is to pay attention to the most highly tested areas of law in each subject. This MEE guide tells you some of the highly tested areas of law, and a lot more!

Specifically, for each subject, we tell you:

  • How it is tested on the MEE (e.g., how often it is tested, whether it is tested by itself or with another subject, and what you should look out for when the subject is tested).
  • An overview of some of the highly tested MEE topics.
  • Tips for approaching these highly tested topics to maximize your points.
  • Where you can find free essays and point sheets that cover the highly tested topics.

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Below is an overview of the topics covered in our MEE Guide.

Topics in our MEE Guide

The goal of our MEE Guide

The goal of our MEE Guide is to help you study efficiently for the Multistate Essay Exam. Many students waste a lot of time trying to learn every subject and every topic equally. This is not a wise use of time! Of course, you should not ignore any subject or topic. But to maximize your MEE score, it makes sense to spend the most time on topics that are worth the most points. That is the key to maximizing your score on the MEE portion of the bar exam.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. You can contact us here at your convenience. We love to hear from our readers. You can also read about our numerous MEE services here if you are interested in pursuing the most efficient approach to the Multistate Essay Exam!

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