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New City For Law School

5 Tips To Settle Into A New City For Law School

Starting law school can feel like a daunting task. It can seem even scarier if you are doing it while settling into a new city. In addition to the stress of law school, you are now worried about things you never thought twice about before, like grocery shopping, finding the bus stop, or even where to hang out. Follow these five tips to eliminate the burden of moving and allow yourself to focus more on the most important matter at hand, law school!

5 Tips To Settle Into A New City For Law School

1. Explore the city and find your staples

Nothing will be worse than waking up for your first day of law school and realizing your fridge is still empty. Explore your new city for a few days before classes start and find the stores where you think you will be a frequent customer. For example, find your nearest grocery store, or maybe find a few and see which one you like the most and fits your budget. Also, check out the nearest mall and see what they have to offer. Even if you do not need anything at the time, it is always good to have this information just in case things arise during the course of the year.

The more you explore and the more certainty you have about your go-to places like a grocery store, dry cleaner, or other shops, the more confident you will feel about living in a new city. This confidence will carry over into your first day of classes!

2. Connect with other new students

Most incoming classes have a social media page or some other way of connecting your class. If you arrive in town a few days early, see who else is in the area and try to make some new friends! Sample a local restaurant together or try some other activity within the city. Making friends before classes start can reduce the first few anxiety-filled days because you will be able to see some familiar faces around campus.

3. Find places in the city that support your hobbies

Just because you move to a new city to start law school does not mean you have to give up your passions. If you were part of a running club or a book club at your previous residence, find those clubs in your new town! Keeping your hobbies and interests outside of law school will provide a necessary balance in your life. Law school should not be your entire world and it is important to step away from it every now and then. Maintaining your hobbies can serve as a mental break and can help you connect with others in the city outside of the school.

Maintaining hobbies outside of law school is one of our big tips for helping law students manage the stress and workload of school.

4. Make sure you have the right clothes

This is very dependent on where you are moving, but if you are moving from Los Angeles to Syracuse, you will be in for a big surprise come winter! In a new city, you do not know when the seasons change, and it is always best to be prepared and have what you need before you need it. Many stores have fall clothing sales and you can get great deals on whatever items you might need.

If you have more immediate concerns about what to wear during law school orientation, check out this post!

5. Research the restaurants in the area

This may sound small, but when it’s 7 pm and you are still in the library, the last thing you will want to think about is cooking dinner. Knowing which restaurants are in the area, and more importantly, which ones deliver, will be information you will be thankful to have.

Keep in mind that vending machine coffee and snacks are not brain food and they won’t help you study even if they help keep you in the building longer. Check out more tips on how to stay healthy during law school, including eating a balanced diet.

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