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what to wear to law school orientationLaw School Orientation: Your Guide To Dressing the Part

Law school orientation is quickly approaching. Many 1L students may wonder what to wear to law school orientation.

I distinctly remember the eve of my first day, and the anxiety that followed. I could not figure out whether I should wear a suit, and take the risk of being overdressed, or jeans, and make the mistake of being underdressed.

For these reasons, we wrote a brief guide on how to dress for law school orientation. This includes what to wear to law school orientation, and what not to wear.

Keep in mind that these are just some tips to help you make your best first impression (and also help you feel the most comfortable) during law school orientation. It is never fun to feel super-over or under-dressed. These tips will help you wear something that is appropriate and yet professional.

What to wear to law school orientation

1. Remember that first impressions count.

Law school orientation is when you meet your professors and your classmates. Most likely, you will be introducing yourself to individuals in the law school community, so you want to ensure that you look put together. Your best bet would be to dress in business-casual attire. For example, a blouse or button-down, and slacks. Opt for clothing that’s not too flashy or distracting. You do not want to look sloppy or disheveled. Dress conservatively, and make sure to look clean and polished.

2. Dress so you feel confident.

Not only will your clothes make an impression on others, so will your confidence. If you dress in a way that makes you feel good, you will feel more confident in class, talking to others, and being sociable. So, go the extra mile and dress in a way that makes you feel confident.

3. Remember that it’s better to be overdressed than undressed.

Wearing a suit to the first day of orientation is probably overkill at most schools. (You may find that some of your classmates do this, though!) However, shorts and flip-flops are probably not the best option either. You want to give the impression that you take your education seriously, and your appearance should reflect that. Looking appropriate and approachable is key.

4. Remember that you do not have to dress in business-casual attire all year long.

During my time in school, I donned ensembles that were casual and comfortable. It was not a requirement to dress in business-casual all-year-round, but I’m glad that I opted to dress professionally in the first few days of law school.

Wearing an appropriate outfit on these first few days of orientation will give the indication that you are serious about your legal career. If you’re still unsure about what exactly ­business-casual attire entails, stores like Banana Republic, H&M, and Ann Taylor, Kohls, and Macy’s carry nice, affordable pieces.

Look to the picture in the upper left of this post to see an example of business casual too — both the man and woman are dressed in “business casual” clothes.

Your choice of clothing may seem like a small factor in the larger scheme of your law school career, but making a lasting mark counts. It’s also a factor that’s within your complete control, so why not take advantage? Don’t stress and dress for success!

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