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Uniform Bar Exam Resources

Our Seven Best (Free!) Uniform Bar Exam Resources

We know how expensive bar exam prep can get, especially when preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam. So, here are our seven best free Uniform Bar Exam resources. Read further for details!

Our Seven Best (Free!) Uniform Bar Exam Resources

1. How to Pass the MEE YouTube video and handout

We have a fantastic and highly-regarded PDF on How to Pass the Multistate Essay Exam.  We also have a  video on how to pass the Multistate Essay Exam with excellent essay charts as well as an overview of the highly-tested MEE topics and areas of law for each subject. Utilize both of these free Uniform Bar Exam resources to make sure your MEEs are on the right track!

2. How to Pass the MBE YouTube video

If you struggle with the MBE, we are here to help! This video can guide you through developing a strategy to taking MBE questions.

3. MBE Strategies series subscription

In this email series, we go through MBE questions one-by-one. We also focus on strategies to use for each type of MBE question. You can see a sample here and sign up to receive our MBE strategies tips right to your inbox.

We email about twice a week during bar exam season. Once the bar exam is over, we stop emailing unless you opt in to receiving further emails. We base questions off of real MBE questions, not ones developed by bar prep companies. That way, you are approximating what you’ll see on bar exam day as closely as possible 

You can sign up here:

4. MPT attack outlines and MPT chart

One of the biggest problems students have when approaching the MPT is that they do not have the proper format.  Well, worry no longer! We have attack outlines for each type of MPT, which you can check out in this blog post. This post also links to several other helpful posts for each type of MPT.

We also have an MPT frequency chart, which let’s you know how often a certain task appears on the Uniform Bar Exam. This is especially helpful for those who want to focus on the tasks most likely to be tested on the bar exam.

 5. Student answers for the MPTs

While we sell fantastic books that contain MPT questions, answers, and student answers, you can also find model student answers for free on the Georgia Board of Law Examiners’ website.  

These student answers are great Uniform Bar Exam resources because not only can you compare your answer to point sheets, you can also compare it to real answers from students who sat for the bar exam under timed conditions.

6. Predictions for the MEE and MPTs

We predict what will come up on the MEE and MPT each administration. We do NOT recommend you only study our predictions. However, we’ve had great success in predicting both subjects and topics. See how we were over 90% correct in predicting MEE questions for July 2017. You can read our February 2018 predictions here.

7. Our JD Advising Forum

We just launched a JD Advising forum where students can ask questions and receive answers from our staff. Please take advantage of this resource at the link above. Ask us whatever questions you want!

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