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Looking for a Multistate Performance Test (MPT) frequency chart?

In this post, we show you the most highly tested and least-tested issues on the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) in a convenient MPT frequency chart.

See below for the most updated chart!

Note that this is useful for students in Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) states. This chart is also useful for students who are given a MPT invented by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). (This is not a frequency chart for California Bar Exam takers—we will post a California Bar Exam MPT frequency chart soon!)

Highly-tested MPT tasks include: the Persuasive Brief and the Objective Memorandum. (If you are curious as to how to write an Objective Memorandum or a Persuasive Brief, click the links! We have a lot of useful tips!)

You can see by the chart that opinion Letters have been making a comeback, as have demand letters. Tasks such as closing arguments, complaints, statements, contract provisions, bench memos, and “leave behind” tasks are not tested consistently. (In fact, they are very infrequently tested.) Still, you should practice one of these “unusual” tasks in case it, or something like it, appears on your bar exam. You do not want to be completely thrown off by it!

MPT Frequency Chart


We also recommend that you start practicing MPTs sooner rather than later! Some people take for granted that an MPT is “easy” and they don’t practice them. Then, they end up running out of time and losing valuable points on the bar exam!

If you are in a UBE jurisdiction, the MPTs are worth 20% of your score! (This is the same as four MEE essays!) So, it is worth it to take it seriously and practice plenty of MPTs ahead of the real exam!

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