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MEE predictions

MEE Predictions: We Anticipated Over 90% Of Subjects For July 2017!

Our Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Seminar students had an enormous advantage over many other examinees on the July 2017 exam. We carefully reviewed 15 years of previous essays in each of the 16 subjects to formulate our predictions. We are thrilled to report that our MEE predictions correctly forecasted more than 90% of the subjects on the MEE. Additionally, we accurately predicted many of the specific issues that were tested on the essays. Below we discuss in detail which of our MEE predictions appeared on the exam.

MEE Predictions: We Anticipated Over 90% Of Subjects For July 2017!

1. We accurately predicted more than 90% of the subjects on the MEE.

Civil Procedure combined with Conflict of Laws

We accurately predicted that Civil Procedure would be tested and that it would be crossed over with Conflict of Laws. We specifically told our students to review the Klaxon rule (a federal court sitting in diversity must apply the choice-of-law approach prevailing in the state where it sits).

Constitutional Law

We correctly predicted that Constitutional would appear on the exam. In particular, we reviewed the rules pertaining to the Dormant Commerce Clause (strict scrutiny applies if the state law is discriminatory on its face or as applied, but where a state law is nondiscriminatory, the Pike balancing test applies).

Criminal Procedure combined with Evidence

We also accurately predicted that Miranda warnings would be tested, including the public safety exception. With regard to Evidence, we emphasized the difference between the hearsay exclusions, such as the effect on the listener, and the hearsay exceptions, including present sense impression and excited utterance.

Decedents’ Estates

In addition, we correctly predicted that Decedents’ Estates would show up on the exam. Notably, we told our students to review the requirements of a valid will (wills formalities, holographic wills, and the dispensing power), how interested witnesses affect the validity of a will in different jurisdictions, and intestate succession. This is exactly what showed up on the exam.

Secured Transactions

We accurately predicted that Secured Transactions would be tested. Specifically, we told our students to review when UCC Article 9 applies, the elements of attachment, and the rules pertaining to perfection. We even explained that a lender can take in interest in the debtor’s accounts and that a lender can perfect its interest in accounts through control.


Finally, we correctly predicted that Torts would appear on the exam. We reviewed negligence, proximate cause and vicarious liability in detail.

Our subject predictions for July can be found here. (We only discuss specific topic predictions in our Multistate Essay Exam seminar.)

2. We also told our students not to be surprised if Trusts appeared on the exam. It did show up on the test!

Even though Trusts was just tested in February 2017, we told our students not to be surprised if Trusts appeared on the exam. It appeared in conjunction with Decedents’ Estates. Many of the previous exams alternate between testing Decedents’ Estates and Trusts.

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Ambika Mehta, our MEE seminar instructor and UBE course instructor, wrote this post.