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best Uniform bar exam resources

7 Best Uniform Bar Exam Resources Under $500

In the second installment of our series on our Uniform Bar Exam resources, here are our 7 best Uniform Bar Exam resources under $500! (If you are looking for our seven best free Uniform Bar Exam resources, check out this post!)

7 Best Uniform Bar Exam Resources Under $500

1. MEE Seminar – $499.99

We provide a Multistate Essay Exam Seminar that goes over the highly-tested areas of law that we believe could be coming up on the MEE. Each subject is covered in an approximate 45-page outline we provide ahead of time. We include several helpful diagrams as well as examples from past MEE’s. This is an invaluable half-day overview that also goes over predictions so you know exactly what could be coming up.

For the July 2017 exam, over 90% of what was tested on the MEE was covered by our seminar!!

Click here to read more about our Multistate Essay Exam Seminar for the essay portion of the Uniform Bar Exam. This highly regarded MEE seminar fills up quickly so we recommend early application!

2. MEE One-sheets – $169.99

Another of our best Uniform Bar Exam resources are our MEE one-sheets. In these sheets, each Multistate Essay Exam subject is covered in one page–front and back. We tell you the highly-tested areas of law that you should be most aware of when you walk into the first day of the bar exam. The MEE one-sheets are concise, invaluable, and provide a great overview of the material tested on the MEE. Many students use it to shape their studying in the weeks leading up to the exam. We receive absolutely glowing reviews on the MEE one-sheets every single administration!

A recent review said:

Thank you for making the One-Sheet Study Guide!  It was the best investment I’ve made in study materials and I’ve taken two noteworthy courses. Having the condensed material to refer to what was specifically tested saved me so much time in my studying process. And when it came time to take the test, it was my go-to source for recalling the rules. If I hadn’t studied with it, I would have been lost on the MEE portion of the exam.  I can’t thank you enough! -Purchaser of MEE One-Sheets

Read more about our MEE one-sheets, including testimonials, here.

3. MEE Essay Feedback — starts at $80

Finally, we also offer MEE essay feedback, provided by an expert essay grader. This feedback doesn’t just tell you what you did wrong. Instead, we tell you how to approach the questions and improve your score.  In other words, we tell you how you can improve and give you real strategies toward this end. In addition to written feedback, you can also request a phone call with each round of essay grading to ask questions and to make sure that you understand the feedback.

Many students find our essay feedback to be the key to passing the bar exam. We have had repeat takers say that it is what they credit their passing score to.

4. MPT Feedback – starts at $80

Much like our MEE feedback, our MPT feedback gives you direct, written feedback on an assigned MPT from one our our expert graders.

Many students forget that the MPT portion of the bar exam is worth the same as 70 multiple-choice questions. This portion of the uniform bar exam is way too important to overlook!!

5. MPT Seminar – $499.99

Moving on to our best Uniform Bar Exam resources for the MPT, we offer an MPT seminar. During our three-hour MPT seminar, you will learn about how to tackle the MPT portion of the exam. We will tell you how to tackle the MPT on exam day.

We also give you and go over MPT “cheat sheets” so that know how to format the MPTs (which is an easy way to obtain points!). Then, our course instructor will walk you through an objective memo, persuasive brief and opinion letter MPT as well as examples of good student answers. You will receive the assignments ahead of time, so that you can review them prior to the seminar. Lastly, the seminar will equip you will a plethora of tips on everything from timing to how to handle a “wildcard” or odd MPT task.

6. MBE One-sheets – $99.99

Our MBE one-sheets contain the relevant laws that are tested on the multistate bar exam as well as colorful charts and diagrams. They also contain helpful tips for each MBE subject. When you order the MBE one-sheets, you will receive a high quality laminated hard copy of the one-sheets at your door. The MBE one-sheets can be purchased singly or in a set.

7. MBE Guide – $69.99 (with our promotional discount) + a money-back guarantee!

Finally, the last our our seven best Uniform Bar Exam resources under $500 is our MBE guide. Our MBE Guide illuminates some very tricky areas of law and covers some highly tested concepts — all in a readable and easy to understand format. We also give you strategies for how to approach specific topics so you are more likely to answer MBE questions right when you see those topics tested.

This MBE guide is not an encyclopedia of MBE law. It does not cover every topic in depth. Rather, it is more like a series of snapshots. We cover several areas that students do not understand or that commercial courses do not cover well. We have a 7-point increase guarantee with this guide – or your money back!