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Subscribe To Our MBE Tip of the Day Series!

Are you studying for the bar exam?  Struggling with the MBE?  Would you like MBE questions and tips sent directly to your inbox?  Subscribe to our MBE Tip of the Day series!

Subscribe To Our MBE Tip of the Day Series!

This campaign includes daily tips that will get you prepared for the MBE portion of the bar exam.  Beginning December 14th, subscribers will receive one email every day until the February bar exam.  This email will include a link to a post with an MBE question that you can use to test your skills!  Even if you get the answer wrong, that’s okay!  These questions are designed to be tricky!

At JD Advising, we believe in a slow, methodical approach to answering MBE questions while you develop your abilities.  Each day, we will walk you through how to answer the MBE question provided.  You will work on identifying the issue and rule being tested by the question, and then applying it to the facts to reach a conclusion.  Then, you can check the answer choices to find the best one!

The post will conclude by providing a tip relating to the MBE question.  Pay close attention to these MBE tips as they can help you get more questions right!

Finally, each MBE Tip of the Day email will include a link to one of our MBE blog posts.  These posts will give you even more detailed advice on how to study for the MBE and how to boost your score.  Be sure to read these posts as they will provide you with excellent resources to improve your MBE score!

Subscribing late?  That’s okay!  You will still be subscribed to our series and get the same MBE tips sent straight to your inbox!  It is never too late to subscribe!

If you would like to view an example of what an MBE Tip of the Day post looks like, check out this post!

To subscribe to our MBE Tip of the Day series, fill out the form below!

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