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JD Advising MBE Guide

Increase your MBE score by 7 points on your next practice exam, or your money back* (see details below!)

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Conquer the MBE with our MBE Guide!

Study efficiently for the MBE!

We work with hundreds of students each bar exam administration to help them improve their Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) scores. We know what bar exam students struggle with. And we have created a product—our MBE Guide—to help you improve your MBE score. Our MBE Guide illuminates some very tricky areas of law and covers some highly tested concepts—all in a readable and easy to understand format. We also give you strategies for how to approach specific topics so you are more likely to answer MBE questions right when you see those topics tested.

This MBE Guide is not an encyclopedia of MBE law. It does not cover every topic in depth. Rather, it is more like a series of snapshots. We cover several areas that many students do not understand or that commercial courses do not cover well, including:

  • Mortgages and priority in foreclosure
  • Battle of the forms (UCC § 2-207)
  • The difference between party admission and a statement against interest
  • What is a wild animal and why do I always get trespasser questions wrong?”
  • Default judgments
  • The Dormant Commerce Clause
  • How the automobile exception differs from the search incident to arrest exception

These are just some of the many areas the MBE Guide covers. A full list of topics can be found here. Besides clearing up some otherwise frustrating areas of law, we strive to help you remember what you learned. We include charts and diagrams. We have practice problems and hypotheticals. We do this all in anywhere from 17 to 26 pages per subject. You can see the law in a different light in the amount of time it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

NEW for 2023: We added more colorful images and diagrams to aid in your understanding of each MBE subject!

Why purchase the MBE guide?

Review Common Topic Areas

Our MBE Guide does not cover every area of law. Instead, we focus on common topic areas that students have trouble with (and dedicate about 17 to 26 pages per subject to these areas of law).

Answer Multiple-Choice Questions

Our MBE Guide contains multiple-choice questions and hypothetical questions written by JD Advising to illustrate strategies for specific topics as well as mistakes that students tend to make. See some samples in the product page here.

Simplify the Law

Our MBE Guide is written in layman’s terms to break down tricky concepts and make them easy to understand. We use understandable language and clear vocabulary to make sure our Guide makes sense!

Review Charts and Diagrams

Our MBE Guide contains NEW colorful charts and diagrams. You can see part of the Contracts portion of the Guide here. Many bar exam takers find it helpful to see the law broken down into charts and diagrams and say this alone boosts their score.

Electronic or Print Options

You can purchase the MBE Guide electronically (for instant download) or in a hard copy format. The MBE Guide is 144 pages (26 MB). The goal of the MBE Guide is to give you tips and information so that you can answer at least one more question correctly per subject.

A 7-point guarantee

If you do not see your score increase seven points on the next practice exam you take after reviewing the MBE Guide, you can get your money back. (Please see the Details section below for the full terms!)

Ready to see your MBE score increase by seven points?

“This guide was THE SINGLE BEST piece of material I feel I could have purchased to prep for the Ohio bar. I wish someone would have told me about it sooner. It was great; great tips, lots of help with problem areas, and I really think I got much more insight into the way to think about and approach MBE questions.”

-MBE Guide Purchaser

Ready to purchase our MBE Guide?