Improve your Bar Exam Multiple Choice Score
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JD AdvisingAre you Looking to Improve Your Bar Exam Multiple Choice Score?

The bar exam is less than a month away and many students still find themselves looking for ways to improve their bar exam multiple-choice score. One way to improve your score on the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam is to use actual released bar exam questions.

There are many sources of actual released bar exam questions.

One source is the NCBE website: You can take the four 100-question exams found on the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) website. You will receive online access to the exams you purchase for one year after the purchase date. It is well worth your money to purchase all four exams because each exam is composed of actual released questions from past bar exams.

Are you Looking to Improve Your Bar Exam Multiple Choice Score?

The NCBE provides you with explanations that accompany each question. You are also provided with a breakdown that reveals how well you are doing in each subject. This can be invaluable feedback. If you are consistently scoring low in, say, Evidence, you can focus more time and attention on Evidence during your final weeks of bar exam preparation.

Another source of actual released bar exam questions is the Strategies and Tactics for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) this book has released questions (and fantastic explanations).

AdaptiBar is also a source of released bar exam questions. They have thousands of questions online. This is good for students who like to answer questions on their phone.

JD Advising also offers an online platform with released MBE questions! And, it is cheaper than AdapitBar!

Many students ask me: “Which is better for multiple-choice questions—Barbri or Kaplan?” My answer is always, “neither.” The best questions are actual released questions. After all, these are released questions that have actually appeared on past bar exams. They are also the questions that Barbri and Kaplan model their questions off of.

Looking for a step-by-step guide to improve your MBE score? Check out this post which contains a great step-by-step guide to improve your MBE score.

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