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top five best uniform bar exam books, MBE Seminar, #1 law student, graduate as the #1 law studentHow to Combat Fatigue on the MBE

Some students struggle with fatigue when they are completing MBE questions. You may struggle with fatigue if:

  • You find yourself zoning out or thinking about other things during the exam
  • Concentration is difficult and you notice your eyes are glazing over the facts
  • You have to reread the facts or answer choices and you have trouble staying focused
  • You answer more questions incorrectly toward the very end of the exam or during points where you feel fatigued. (We recommend you study your answer sheet to see if you have incorrect answers cluster during certain points of the exam)

So you’ve identified the problem. Now, how do you combat fatigue on the MBE?

How to Combat Fatigue on the MBE

1. Incorporate regular exercise into your schedule – both now and on the bar exam day.

Make it a habit to exercise in the morning or around lunch time. This will invigorate both your body and mind and help you combat fatigue on the MBE. On the actual bar exam day, take a few minutes to walk around at lunch if possible. This will re-energize you.

2.Be mindful of your diet.

If you are eating junk food all day, or if you are not getting enough hydration, this could certainly affect fatigue. Instead, make it a habit to eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day! You should always carry a water bottle with you so you can make sure you are drinking adequate amounts of water.

Some students also find it helpful to drink coffee before taking each section of the MBE. If you are considering this, try it out with a practice MBE. You don’t want it to backfire and make you too jittery. You also do not want to risk having to go to the bathroom if you struggle with timing.

3. Don’t eat too much.

If you have a large meal – even if it is healthy – you will feel tired! So try to eat smaller, healthy and filling meals before the test. You can see what keeps you full (but not too full!) when you study. Experiment with eating different small meals before sitting down to study.

4. If you find yourself getting very tired during a certain part of the bar exam, consider taking a bathroom break!

If you do not have any trouble with timing, this is definitely a good idea to try. Test it out in a mock exam before the actual MBE if possible.

If you find yourself having a lot of trouble concentrating, get up and head to the bathroom. Walking around and changing environment can help you get back into a focused mindset when you sit down again.

5. Take regular MBE “breaks” during the exam.

If you struggle with timing or do not want to get up to use the restroom, you may want to try stretching, closing your eyes for a few seconds, and getting a sip of water after, say, 20 or 25 questions, or whenever you find yourself getting tired.

Do something to try to “reset” your mind. This will only take a few seconds (maybe 30 seconds per break) but will inevitably save you time in the long run if it helps you stay focused on the questions!

6. Study during the same times that you will be taking the exam.

If you study during the same times as the actual exam (e.g., if the exam is administered from 9:30 – 12:30 and 2:00 – 5:00) then you will get used to focusing, concentrating, and working hard during these times. If you have been staying up really late to study, now is the time to change your study schedule so that you don’t struggle with fatigue on the MBE.

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