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Topic 5: Baby bar exam essay frequency chart

As you can see from this baby bar exam essay frequency chart, there are three subjects (Contracts is split into two on the chart) that are tested on the baby bar.

  • Contracts (common law)—i.e., contracts for services
  • Contracts (UCC)—i.e., contracts for the sale of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Criminal Law*
  • Torts

*Note that virtually every exam has tested Criminal Law, with the exception of the July 2016 exam, which tested Criminal Procedure. However, that question was later deemed inappropriate and did not count toward an applicant’s score.

Baby bar exam essay frequency chart

Baby Bar Exam Frequency Chart June 2022

From 2012 through October 2021 (each X is counted as 1, and the (X)s are counted as 1):

  • Contracts has been tested 27 times (common law has been tested 12 times, UCC has been tested 13 times)
  • Criminal Law has been tested 26 times
  • Torts has been tested 27 times

Thus, all subjects have been tested approximately equally on the baby bar.

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