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Topic 2: What is the baby bar exam pass rate?

Baby bar exam statistics from recent years

Baby bar exam statistics are pretty dismal (but this does not mean you should lose hope of passing)!

As you can see, below we include a chart from the October 2019 baby bar. You can see that the vast majority of students that take the baby bar exam do not pass it. Of the total applicants who took the baby bar exam in October 2019, only 22.1% of the 294 takers passed it according to the California State Bar. First-time takers had a higher pass rate of 29.5%, whereas repeat takers had a 14.9% pass rate. (You can read more here.)

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Baby Bar Exam Statistics from October 2019

*Chart from the State Bar of California october 2019 baby bar pass rate, baby bar statistics, repeat taker FYLSE statistics

This was not an unusual year. You can see further statistics from recent years in the table below.

From the table below, you can tell that the overall pass rate has been between 16.9% and 25.3%. First-time takers have had a pass rate between 18.8% and 32.3%. Repeat takers have had a pass rate between 8.8% and 22.7%.

As you can see, the baby bar exam has a 21.17% pass rate overall, with first-time takers passing at a higher rate than repeat takers. Approximately one in every four first-time takers will pass. Approximately one in every six repeat takers will pass.

Just because the baby bar exam pass rate is low does not mean that you will not pass! We highly recommend reviewing past baby bar essays and reviewing multiple-choice questions as well. We also recommend that you take the time you need to truly memorize the law, focusing on the key elements. These are two ways to maximize your chances of passing the baby bar!

If you are looking for baby bar tutoring or resources, please contact us!

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