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Where Can I Find Past MPTs?

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is a lawyerly exercise that requires examinees to complete a task that is outlined in the memo. It is administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). In order to complete an MPT task, students must critically evaluate and analyze the information provided in the “file” and the “library.” The MPT is worth a significant percentage of an examinee’s overall score on many bar exams. If you are in a Uniform Bar Exam state, the MPT is worth 20% of the total score! So, you need to spend time developing an effective approach to it. reviewing and practicing with past MPTs is the best way to prepare. Even better, you can find past MPT questions, good student answers, and MPT point sheets for free! Read further to see the best places to look!

Where Can I Find Past MPTs?

Past MPTs and Point Sheets:

The only place online where you can find past MPTs and point sheets for free is the NCBE website. (The NCBE prohibits distributing the past MPTs and point sheets otherwise and any entity that distributes both must pay a licensing fee–which is why you won’t find point sheets anywhere for free online.)

1. The NCBE Website

The NCBE website is a great resource for past MPTs. They currently have all the MPTs from July 2008 to February 2013 available for free in their Study Aids section. Not only do they provide you with the entirety of the MPT, but they also give you the point sheet to help you score your practice. The point sheet helps you determine how well you issue spotted, and also how well you organized your answer. You can find past MPTs from the NCBE website here:

Past MPTs and Student Answers:

While the NCBE does not allow states to publish the MPT questions and point sheets, many states post the MPT questions and sample or representative student answers. You should not only consult with student answers to see how well you wrote a practice MPT, but they are extremely helpful to consult for formatting purposes. The links below are where you can find MPT questions and student answers. (Note that they do not contain any point sheets!)

1. Georgia’s Bar Admissions Website

Georgia’s Bar Admissions website is a fantastic source of past MPTs. Georgia started administering the MPT in July 2011, so all the MPTs since then are on their website. In addition, they also include several high-scoring answers for you to review! These are a great way to measure how well you answer your practice MPTs.

The only downside to Georgia’s website is that they do not include the point sheets for the MPTs. The student answers on the website are exactly what a student produced in 90 minutes under testing conditions. Thus, they often do not address every issue and fact. However, they are a valuable resource for seeing what a high-scoring answer looks like! (If you want the MPT question, point sheet, and student answer in one place, consider purchasing our MPT books, discussed more below!)

2. New York Bar Exam Website

Another useful source of free past MPTs is the New York bar exam website.

MPTs  tested from July 2005 to February 2011 are on their website. The NCBE writes two MPTs for each administration, but non-UBE states have the option to include none, one or both questions on their exams. Up until New York adopted the UBE (July 2016), they administered 1 MPT. After that, you should see both MPTs included for each administration. Regardless of what year you are looking for, you will find the test MPT text and a high-scoring student answers.

Past MPTs, Point Sheets, and Student Answers:

If you are willing to pay for past MPTs and you want everything in one place, our MPT Books may be just what you are looking for! Available in hard copy or electronic form, these books currently contain all the MPTs test from 2009 until the most recent administration available.

Our MPT books differ from any other resource that we know of in that we include:

  • The MPT question
  • The MPT sample answer promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners
  • A model student answer that has received a high score on the bar exam. (This is invaluable for formatting purposes and to see what is realistic to write in the 1.5 hours you have to write an MPT!)

Our goal with our MPT books is to save you time! You will not have to wonder if your format is correct or waste hours searching for student answers or point sheets online. Instead, you will have everything in one place. Check out our MPT Book page to read more about purchase options!

  • Looking for MPT Help?

    We offer the following MPT products and services:

    • MPT private tutoring for those seeking one-on-one help to pass the MPT.
    • An MPT guide which takes students from the beginning to end in how to write an MPT.
    • MPT feedback for those seeking structural and organizational review of practice questions.
    • Real MPT questions! We offer all NCBE-released questions from 2000 to present compiled in one book.
    • An MPT seminar for those seeking help on how to tackle the MPT.
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