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Pet During Law School

Should You Adopt A Pet During Law School?

Law school is a big-time commitment. However, should it mean putting your life on pause? In this post, we cover whether it makes sense to adopt a pet during law school!

Should You Adopt A Pet During Law School?

Pets Make Everyone’s Quality Of Life Better – Including Law Students

Pets are proven to result in a higher quality of life for owners that care and provide for them. Whether it’s reducing stress, providing a sense of security, and/or simply being a friend- the benefits of pets are clear. For law students, these benefits can result in a higher quality of life during a challenging time. Generally speaking, law students will take all of the help they can get. However, many law students limit themselves to only resources that will improve their academics, while neglecting other life aspects. As we’ve mentioned previously, taking care of yourself during law school goes far beyond taking care of your grades. This means taking care of your emotional, mental, and physical health. Luckily, adopting a pet, like a dog or cat, can help with all of these areas.

For example, imagine you’ve had a long day of classes. Guess who is waiting for you and full of excitement? That’s right – your furry friend. Feeling cooped up and need to get out of the house for a bit? Great! Your dog absolutely LOVES going on walks around the block. Living alone and slightly freaked out after reading your criminal law cases for the night? Don’t worry, the German Shephard sitting next to you isn’t scared.  Feeling lonely as you spend endless days studying?  A cat might be just the right companion!

The benefits are certainly there, however, you’re probably wondering about the flip side of the coin. What are some things to keep in mind?

Having A Pet During Law School Isn’t All Fun And Games

Like your parents used to say when you would ask to adopt a puppy – it’s not all fun and games! Adopting a pet takes a lot of hard work and requires immense responsibility. This is only exacerbated for those considering adopting a pet during law school. A pet is like a new member of the family. It will take time for them to acclimate to their new environments, owner, and lifestyle. Feeding times, potty training, daily walks, playtime, grooming, medical care, other costs – it can be a lot. Now imagine all of that on top of three years of law school! You have long study times, classes to attend to, and extracurricular activities. You also need to consider long-term plans, such as where you plan to practice law and future living arrangements. Remember, at the end of the day, your pet only has you to rely on. Having a pet during law school can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. If you’re considering adopting a pet during law school, don’t attempt to “wing it” or “figure things out.” Have a plan for your new roommate!

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