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Destress During  Law School Finals

Top 10 Tips To Destress During  Law School Finals

We all know how easy it is to feel anxious and stressed during finals. But there are actions you can take to make yourself feel calmer and more prepared. In this post, we offer some tips from successful law students on how to destress during law school finals!

Top 10 Tips To Destress During  Law School Finals

1. Put yourself first!

This can include going to the gym, attending a yoga class, or getting your favorite warm beverage from a local coffee shop. Learn more about our tips for how to stay healthy through law school exams and the bar exam.

2. Focus on something other than finals.

Meditation has become quite popular recently. Just a few moments of clearing your mind in the morning or before you go to bed can help you re-center and relax. Being more at ease will help you to be able to take on studying and multitasking without feeling overwhelmed!

3. Go for a second cookie!

With the stress from school, we all need to have our favorite snacks or sweets on hand to help power through! Do what you need to do to make it through this stressful time.

4. Watch a movie or Netflix with a friend.

It isn’t possible to study all day long. There’s also the possibility of pushing yourself too hard, leading you to burn out. We all need to take a break. Watching a show with a friend can be a wonderful way to take a mental break and maybe get a laugh too.

5. Do a little personal pampering.

Getting a manicure or a massage can be a treat while you are studying and also help you get rid of some tension.

6. Change scenery frequently.

It is hard to study in the same place for too long. Try studying in different libraries or coffee shops to give yourself some variety. Here are our suggestions for the best places to study for the bar exam (though it applies to law school studying as well)!

7. Find a furry friend!

Animals can be a great source of stress relief. Some law schools will bring pets to campus for students to play with. You can also find a friend with a pet and ask if you can borrow him for a walk or a cuddle session.

8. Get enough sleep.

It is easy to want to study late into the evening, particularly the night before an exam. But you will do much better if your mind is sharp and able to make connections. This isn’t possible if you aren’t well-rested.

9. Set a schedule.

You may feel more on top of all our responsibilities if you set a schedule. You can then cross things off your list as you accomplish them.

But make sure you schedule in breaks as well. Here are our tips on how to make a law school finals study schedule!

10. Talk to your family or friends.

Lots of students find that a call to a loved one can really help destress. It is also an important reminder that there are still things going on outside law school!

As law students, it is easy to want to just study all the time. But in order to destress and perform at your best, it is necessary to take breaks. Also, remember that the finals period will end – and you will be one step closer to becoming a lawyer!

Check out more tips on how to manage law school stress and overcome law school exam anxiety.

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