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mpt attack plan, how to dissect an mptReview of the Strategies and Tactics 6th Edition Book – Pros & Cons

It is no secret that we are fans of the Strategies and Tactics 6th Edition book. We purchase it for all of our course students as it is a fantastic and affordable source for released questions. However, the book does have some flaws. In this post we give an honest review of the Strategies and Tactics 6th Edition, and list the pros and cons of purchasing the book.

Review of the Strategies & Tactics 6th Edition Book – Pros & Cons

The Pros of the Strategies and Tactics 6th Edition:

  • There are about 60 RELEASED questions broken up by subject. Released questions are questions promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), which is the organization that writes the MBE. These are mostly retired MBE questions. These are invaluable and much better than questions that a commercial course provides. Tip: If your commercial course does not brag about offering released questions, they don’t offer released questions! Most commercial courses do not. It is well worth it to get some real questions as this will prepare you for the exam day more than any non-released MBE questions that are made up by a commercial course.
  • The book has three 100-question exams at the end of the book, two of which are excellent. (The third one we don’t love as much, for reasons we identify below.) These are great because they are “mixed” question sets and you can take them in a timed setting to see how you will perform on the actual exam.
  • Some people find the brief subject matter introductions at the beginning of each chapter helpful. We find the Civil Procedure “intro” chapter to be very helpful and think the other subject introductions are moderately helpful. This is a matter of opinion, but these subject introductions certainly cannot hurt!
  • The price. It is now available for just over $50 on amazon! We are affiliated with amazon, but we would recommend it regardless because this is the cheapest we have seen it. We even pay more when we buy directly from the publisher! You can purchase the Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (Emanuel Bar Review) here. Update: The price for a new book has just increased (probably because we have been telling everyone to buy it when it was so cheap)! Keep an eye on it as the price may go back down. If you happen to find any other sources for a cheaper copy, please let us know and we will post them here!

The Cons of the Strategies and Tactics 6th Edition:

  • The Civil Procedure questions are not reflective of actual bar exam questions. They are lengthy and a bit too nuanced. They are not written as well as the other questions. They are still a decent source of practice but by no means great questions. (The reason that they are not as well written as the other questions is because they are not released by the NCBE. They are written by the author.) At the time the book was released, there were no “real” Civil Procedure questions out there. Now, there are. You can see ten free ones here and purchase thirty more Civil Procedure questions here.
  • The third exam in the book (which is the same as the National Conference of Bar Examiners Online Practice Exam #4) is a mixed question exam. However, it does not contain civil procedure questions. Further, the exam is very hard to use as a study tool. It is set up so that it has a question, answer choice (a), an explanation of why answer choice (a) is correct or incorrect, answer choice (b), an explanation of why answer choice (b) is correct or incorrect (and then it does the same for answer choice (c) and (d). This makes this exam very hard to use as a study tool because the answers are written right into the questions! Further, instead of “Question 1” it will say “Question 1 – Constitutional Law”. This is not helpful because the point of a mixed exam is that you do not immediately know which subject you are being tested on! Thus, we do not care for this exam as much.
  • There are over 550 released questions, which is great. However, some students need more practice and will have to use another source to practice MBE questions in addition to this one.

Overall, the book does have some flaws, but we still highly recommend it and we still buy it for all of our students. You certainly get a lot for your money! You can purchase the Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (Emanuel Bar Review) here.

Looking for other released questions?

Check out our source of real MBE questions here. We sell real questions that were just released at the end of 2017! So if you are sick of looking at the same released questions over and over again or if you already have the strategies and tactics book, you can get questions that are hot off the press right here.


    Alex P.

    Hi! I noticed that the 7th edition is now available on the publisher’s website.

    I know this article is based on the 6th edition, but would you still recommend buying the 6th edition or upgrading to the 7th?

    Thanks in advance!

    JD Advising

    Hi Pablo! Thanks so much for your message. It sounds like your score is going in the right direction. You did make a really big jump between your third and fourth exams! Your essay score would have been passing in many jurisdictions and your MBE score would have been close to passing (about four points away) in some jurisdictions. It sounds like you have made improvement on your MBE, which is great. For California, you need above a 65% correct, but it looks like you are averaging around there between all of the different resources you are using. Even if you get a lower MBE score, your essay score can make up for it. I would make sure you pay attention to the highly tested areas of essay law these last couple weeks. It sounds like you are working hard and have reason to be more confident about a passing score! Best of luck! Please let us know how it goes!

    Pablo Bringas

    Hi – I am Pablo, and I am about to retake the CA Bar exam (in 20 days) again for the 4th time (I am from Spain licensed in Europe but having worked in Oregon for 10 years as a visiting attorney for a European company). My first score was 1,007, my second was 1,002, the third 1,107 total scaled for the test. Last time, I got a total scaled of 1302 (which I considered a big jump). My written was 415 (50, 50, 60, 60 and PT a 70) and my scaled MBE (which I have had trouble with) was 1260 scaled. I am good an PTs. I love them and this time I have studied the law much thoroughly and deeper.

    I have been focusing on the MBE and after doing all the sets in the Strategies and Tactics book I am at 76.82% correct total. That counts evidence, criminal, torts, contracts, constitutional and real property. For civil procedure I am studying the law (Barbri) very throughly and have done some sets from barbri (around 60% correct). On Adaptibar I am now at 60% with 450 questions done there.

    Can you please let me know if I should feel more confident this time? I am starting to think that whatever I do I will not pass this test again.


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