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Remote Bar Exam Room Requirements

Remote Bar Exam Room Requirements

Due to the COVID pandemic, remote bar exams are now commonplace. You can now take the bar exam in the comfort of your own home! However, some rooms are better than others. In this post, we cover some remote bar exam room requirements to keep in mind as you consider where to take the bar exam!

Remote Bar Exam Room Requirements

It’s A Solo Experience

The first rule governing the administration of a remote bar exam? It’s a one-person job. Ensure that wherever you choose to take a remote bar exam is free from other people and animals. That means parents, significant others, pets, and siblings. These people wouldn’t be allowed to attend an in-person examination, so the same rationale applies to a remote exam. While this may seem like an obvious rule, we’ve heard of some interesting situations arising. For example, you want to avoid roommates knocking on your door, calling out your name, or taking phone calls. When it comes to your pet, they cannot be in the same room as you. In short, the entire time you’re taking a remote bar exam should be silent and without interruption.

No Unauthorized Items

Cellphones, iPads, televisions, Alexas, Google Homes, headphones, printers, Apple Watches, speakers, gaming systems, books, and posters – these are all off-limits. The space where you choose to take a remote bar exam should include only what you need to take the exam. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to take the test in a completely bare room. There’s no need to disassemble your bed just yet! Instead, your camera should include only you and a plain background. That means no books, posters, or other wall items in view. In addition, unplug electronics that your computer may be connected to or that may make noise during the exam. Lastly, make sure that you’re only drinking coffee or water during the exam. While you may be in your home and feel comfortable, avoid the urge to crack open that Red Bull!

Distraction-Free Zone

This last piece of advice incorporates the previous two tips. Keep in mind that during a remote bar exam you’re constantly being recorded by your computer’s webcam. That footage is submitted for review upon completion of the test. If any type of abnormal action occurs on your part, the video will be flagged. Depending on what the video shows, you may be in for severe penalties. That means you’re required to stay within the camera’s field of view at all times during the test. That also means that anytime you leave the view of the camera, bar examiners are going to assume the worst. Having a distraction-free environment ensures that you don’t have a reason to leave your camera’s view!

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