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Online Bar Exam Like

What Is An Online Bar Exam Like? Q&A With A Recent Taker

COVID-19 has changed how a large portion of bar exam takers approach the exam in 2020. A consequence of this is that many students take their bar exam at home. We’ve had a ton of questions about this, particularly “What is an online bar exam like?” In this post, we provide a video Q&A with a July 2020 bar exam taker and provide key takeaways from the conversation.

What Is An Online Bar Exam Like? Q&A With A Recent Taker


1. You may have work to do before your bar exam day to make sure everything works as expected.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the exam, law examiners need to be creative in coming up with solutions. An obvious one is using exam software to deliver the bar exam remotely. You will most likely need to download and test this software before exam day. You also may need to track down a computer with a built-in camera if you don’t have one. Follow instructions from your jurisdiction’s examiners, and promptly inform them if you have any issues.

In addition, you may have to set up your bar exam room a certain way. Many of the software platforms have built-in functions to make sure students don’t cheat. Again, make sure to follow both the software company’s and your jurisdiction’s instructions to make sure you are all set for exam day!

2. Be prepared for technical glitches exam day!

Everyone wants their bar exam day to go smoothly. However, due to the speed with which jurisdictions needed to adapt their approach, there may be technical issues on exam day. It is easy to let these types of problems throw you off your A-game. Don’t let them! Prepare yourself mentally by telling yourself you may get interrupted during your exam. Visualize what you’ll do if you have any issues. Before exam day, make sure you have contact information for both your exam software platform’s helpline and your jurisdiction’s law examiners. Hopefully, you won’t need either. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Get comfortable in your exam space.

It’s a good idea to make sure your bar exam set up is in a space where you are comfortable and free from distractions. Think critically about where you want your setup. Ideally, you want to avoid common spaces if you live with others. In addition, you need to consider which rooms will be most free from outside noises and distractions. Finally, you need to make sure your brain is prepared to take a test. So, your bedroom, or somewhere else where you typically relax, may not be your best choice.

Although you won’t have to travel for your exam if it is remote, keep in mind that taking an exam at home has its own challenges. Home distractions can easily throw off your concentration. Make sure your bar exam space is someplace you can easily concentrate. If you can replicate conditions at a testing center (empty space, a clock on the wall, a bare desk), try to do so.

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